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05-02-07, 01:24 PM
I'm working on an 88 brougham sedan for a friend and it originally came with the 307. He is wanting a 350 small block put in, So i've sold him the motor from my 70' nova, now I am dropping it in. My question is..does anyone make headers for a swap like this or is it going to need to be made by a shop? He'd rather buy them then have them made. Thanks for any advice.


05-02-07, 08:32 PM
The 91 or 92 had a 350 avail. Same frame as 88. Headers should be avail at a junk yard.

Johnny Bravo
05-06-07, 01:19 AM
The 307 is an Oldsmobile engine, none of the accessories will transfer over to the small block Chevy you sold him, motor mount, frame mounts, nothing. :cookoo:

He would have been far better off finding an Olds 350. That is a direct swap, everything from the 307 would bolt right up to the 350.

05-06-07, 10:05 AM
Headers made for '82-'92 f body cars will work. Motor mounts from an Fbody will work as well. All the accessories can be picked up from an '80's Caprice, monte carlo, even a '91-'92 sbc Fleetwood and several other cars/trucks. Easy swap.

Old Fleetwood
05-06-07, 11:58 AM
Big question for any of you guys swapping motors - ESPECIALLY CALIFORNIA - where emissions rules are tight and the GESTAPO inspects on a regular basis.
Are the rules like they are here in Connecticut that you can put a NEWER motor in an OLDER car but NOT THE OPPOSITE?
That is, I couldn't put a 472 or 500 in my 1995 FWB, for example (not that I'd want to.)
There was an article in HOT ROD magazine many years ago about somebody who built a motor that exceeded the California Clean Air standards but some damn dumb Sheriff ticketed the guy because it didn't LOOK stock.
That article stuck in my craw and I still remember it and get hopping mad every time I think about it. Wally Parks wrote one helluva editorial about it.
Does this kind of crap still go on?

05-17-07, 07:59 PM
The accessories are done, The A/C didnt work. In FL we don't have emissions/inspections, my nova was running open headers and i never got stopped for noise either.
His won't have the smog pump or any of the emissions stuff, I explained that he'd lose his A/C (which didn't work, so he was cool with that) and that he would need to buy headers. The frame mounts are the same as on a chevy caprice, so my SBC motor mount brackets work. I can make everything work, including his HEI w/ a chevy distributor, moving the starter to the passanger side, i'm thinkin the fuel pump MAY not fit, but i haven't gotten a for sure on it because i haven't put the motor in yet. But I was thinking that the frame looking similar to most of the chevy frames i've seen so i was pretty sure caprice manifolds would fit, but F-body headers..that'll be sweet because he's wanting to put full-length headers on it. I have a 350 sitting on the side that he's wanting me to build for him. Aluminum heads, supercharger, balanced/blueprinted, the works. He wants his brougham to be a beast..i was thinking big block, but he doesn't want to..so hey..i'm getting paid either way!

He is only keeping Powersteering. The waterpump on the sbc chevy will work with the hoses, The powersteering brackets are from a chevy sbc so the pump will mount up (though i will probably change to a chevy pump). And he's getting an edelbrock Performer EPS manifold topped with a AFB Carter 600cfm carb.

I'll post some pics when done...but I only work on it as he gives me money/parts. So it might take a while!

Thanks for all the advice.