: 472 in pieces...

03-31-04, 03:42 AM
I already posted this in the non-model specific forum, but after reading the administrator's post:rant2:, I decided to re-post it in it's rightful place as an act of good faith...

:suspect: I need advice regarding the purchase of my first Cadillac. The car in question is an Aqua 1968 Sedan De Ville. It has basically no surface rust and the interior is in very descent shape. All the tires have good tread and the chrome trim, wheel covers and glass are intact. :) The engine is a 472 from a '68 El Dorado. The engine is sitting on the mounts but has not been bolted up. The wiring harness, radiator, belts, fan a nd cowl assembly and drive shaft also need to be attached. :suspense: The motor has been sitting in this state for 8 months with no coolant in the block, so I'm worried as to how bad it may be corroded. The engine and trans were lowered in as one piece, so I suppose the tranny is fine. Because the car is in this state I can't hear the engine run, but the owner assures me it "ran fine" when he yanked it out of the donor car. He's asking $1500 canadian (about $1150 in US dollars) for the car. All the parts I mentioned above are included.
Now, should I buy this car? :bonkers: I'm seriously considering it but I don't know a damn thing about Cadillacs. Is this a good price for this car? Is there anything any I should know about the 472 (as an engine) that might deter me from buying it?:confused: I've only ever owned big Chryslers and was looking for an alternative to the slow A-Bodies with too much rust. Please pass along any advice you have or e-mail me at billlysmoooth@hotmail.com if you need to see pictures of the car or the engine. Cadillac's Rule.

03-31-04, 01:16 PM
I guess my biggest question would be why did the owner get this far and stop? You are likely to find lots of little pieces missing and since you didn't take it apart it could be a bear to figure it all out again.

The price doesn't sound bad assuming the engine really does run fine and the car is otherwise in good condition. No antifreeze in the block is no big deal. It will be fine.

Steve B.

03-31-04, 06:04 PM
alls i can say is it's way easier to work on than a chrystler. I ****ing hate working on those things.

03-31-04, 07:38 PM
I'd buy it.

Allante North *
03-31-04, 09:20 PM
Try to haggle a little. I'll give your price if you get it together and running, or knock off $400.00 for me to tow it and put it back together. See what the man has to say and take it from there.

Good Luck

04-01-04, 12:02 AM
Ooh a 68 Sedan Deville.... Anyway, these motors are pretty robust. I wouldn't be TOO concerned with the lack of coolant, but I would be leery if the engine wasn't sealed up too well. Dirt/critters are not the best things for an engine... The price is excellent if it is a regular Sedan deVille, and it is still very god if it is a hardtop Sedan deVille. The difference is the regular version has a fixed post seperating the front and rear side windows. That style is much rarer (and it also happens to be the one I have). Check the electrical system out on the car for any anomilies. Make sure that there are no blown fuses or shorts. The items you mentioned are pretty straightfoward on these cars. As for rust, these things can be sneaky. Mine started to rust under the rear window trim in the corners. The tipoff came when I found a damp trunk one morning. Check the cardboard surrounds for any sign of water damage. The 472 is a strong durable motor, which conveniently was used in various displacements up to the 80s. This makes parts availibility MUCH easier. The only thing I would scrutinize is the body. There are a lot of items that are one year only parts on this car, like the hood. If everything else checks out I would say go for it. I still get a kick out of driving mine everyday. Cadillacs definitely DO rule!

04-02-04, 05:03 AM
Thank you all for your advice and courteous assessment of my dilema. I'm taking one last look at the car this weekend, and then I'll make the final decision. If I can get him down to $1200 Canadian (about $920 in American dollars) I'll for sure go for it. The only good maniac is a Caddy maniac.

04-14-04, 10:51 PM
:bouncy: I would like to extend a HUGE THANKS to all of you for helping me in aquiring my "new" 1968 Cadillac Sedan De ville. Imprl59, MMNineInchNails, davesdeville, Allante North * and DaveSmed, I can honestly say that you are the reasons I bought this Cadillac! If it weren't for your advice and encouragement, I would still be chasing after some late 70's chrysler :canttalk:. I ended up having to pay the full $1500, but after jacking it up and taking a look at the spotless floorpans and great quarters, I'm starting to think it was worth it. You can be sure that I will now be a regular on this site. I have a lot of work ahead of me!:rolleyes2 And I'm sure I will run into a few snags (I already can't seem to get the driver's door open:want: but hey, that's why I bought it: to fix what somone else didn't have time for). Thank you all once again and may all your Caddys look, feel and drive like new.


Oh yeah and thanks to Ralph for telling me where to post this

04-14-04, 11:35 PM
Excellent! Glad to hear you got it! Any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

04-15-04, 12:26 AM
If you have a problem finding parts, let me know. I have a ton of them. Ron

04-15-04, 03:14 PM
Glad to hear you got it! Please keep us informed on your progress and put some pictures up on the web so we can see them!

Steve B.