View Full Version : N* 25 Lbs Pressure Blows Radiator Seal

04-30-07, 07:49 PM
It's my fault.

Tested cooling system with new pressure test Kit.

Multi Adaptors allow testing for many many diff models.

Takes a little reading to learn the unit.

25 Lbs of pressure listed as MAX. Above 25 Lbs is a NO NO.

I found one leaking hose at 22-25 lbs. Tightened the clamp and immediately had a BIG Stream leak at tank end of N* radiator. 23 -25 LBS was too much for the rubber seal to hold. Big stream leak. Radiator was 18 months old.
Then I learn that the STANT technicians and most mechanics state never test the coollant system for any more than 2LBS above the Radiator cap stated pressure. A measly little 2 LBS.

I like to buy tools.

I am posting this not to advertise my ignorance but share w others so they can protect their radiators and engines from the uniformed.

It does not leak at normal operating temperatures but I can never trust this radiator.


05-05-07, 05:29 PM
Hey if the Rad is new then just take it to local rad shop and get the tank recrimped. They may request to remove the tank and replace the seal but would prbably be a lot less than a new rad.
and if they do dont be surprized as some will break off the original tabs and use an aftermarket crimp tab strip.
The cor can handle 40 to 5 psi under core testing but the tanks/seals are kind of fragile in my book (but I have similar rad in my truck).
AS for me if I ever get the Aurora 4.0 bought or the old lady down the road gives up driving her 38k 98 Caddy I will have that 4.6 but till then I am sstill working out things to put a N*/Aurora in a Monza body and drive it.
BUT I fully intend to use Evans Cooling NPG/R coolant so I dont have to worry about cooulg as I wont use the stock ecu.
Lee Abel