: 50 Series Delta Flow on STS V8

Benjamin Simon
04-28-07, 09:34 PM
I need some advice on what I should do. Does anyone have any experiance with the 50 Series Delta Flows? Evidently, they have really low interior sound. Sure I would like the Corsa, but I am not sure if the marginal gain will be worth it.

It looks like I can get the Corsa installed for $900 or the Delta Flow mufflers for less than $275.

Anyone know of a used Corsa system???

05-02-07, 04:09 PM
Probably won't find a used Corsa but they do sound great with this car. As far as the 50 deltaflow (as in flowmaster), unless they've changed things, that 50 series muffler has always been associated with suv's and pickups. I don't think it would even fit underneath your car not to mention you'd need two of them... I know Borla makes one for the STS as well but its suppose to be even more $$ than the Corsa. Might give Magnaflow a look at, they have a wide range of mufflers and supposedly out perform the flowmasters anyways.

Benjamin Simon
05-02-07, 08:04 PM
They make 50 Series HD (Trucks), 50 Series SUV Performance (SUVS), and 50 Series Delta Flow (cars).

Benjamin Simon
05-08-07, 05:03 PM
Would this fit?
50 Series Delta Flow Muffler
Inlet/Outlet Dimensions: 2.50''
Inlet/Outlet Locations: Offset Inlet - Center Outlet
Case Dimensions: 4'' X 9.75'' X 17'' - 23''

What does the " 17'' - 23'' " mean?

05-09-07, 09:07 AM
Pretty sure that means its 4" tall/thick x 9.75" wide x 17" long case or 23" long case including the two inch inlet/outlet pipes. You should measure the stock mufflers for comparison, plus take a look at how much room there is underneath the bumper. Wouldn't want them to hang down too low, just wouldn't look fitting of a Cadilac...