: Steering system grinding when turning hard left to hard right from dead stop...

04-28-07, 12:46 PM
Within the last few days, I have noticed a grinding, chattering feeling through the steering wheel and the steering system on my 2007 STS-V when I am at a dead stop and I turn the wheel hard left to hard right. It does it whether the steering wheel is center or not and you can feel it from the steering wheels all the way down to the tires it seems.

I currently have 1,100 miles on the car and it never did this before. Does anyone else have this issue?


05-02-07, 08:56 AM
This isn't a mechanical explination by any means, but here goes.

I had an almost identical issue and they told me they replaced the leaking "rack & pinion".

The simple and only solution is go to your dealer, they know what it is.

05-07-07, 07:45 AM
I get this periodically on my STS-V. It is not bad enough for me to take it into the dealer yet, but maybe on my next visit I'll mention it. Mine is more of a chattering than a grinding.

05-07-07, 11:48 AM

I took it to the dealer and they did agree that it is not normal and there is a problem. Service advisor, technician, shop foreman, service manager all agreed that it is not normal, but were unable to locate which part is on it's way out or failing. They said they didn't want to throw parts at it. So they called GM tech line and GM hadn't had any reported problems or any known fixes, TSBs, etc. So the advice from GM tech line was to re-torque the front end of the car and at the same time they opened up a case number in case there were other STS-Vs with the same issue out there. It was fine for the first 5 miles after I picked it up and then it started chattering again.

I will take it back to the dealer since they have the new bluetooth software update special ordered for me and have them both done at the same time.


You should take it in because GM doesn't have a fix for it yet because nobody has taken their cars in to complain about the issue except for me. If GM has enough complaints, they will have to look for the cause of the problem and come up with a fix for it.