: Bluetooth software update??? Was it done?

Benjamin Simon
04-27-07, 10:23 PM
I had the software update for the bluetooth on my car"installed" Thursday. I don't think they did it. Is there a way to tell if this update was installed?
I thought I was going to have to redo all of my presets. I thought all of that data was going to be lost. Hell, even my bluetooth phone was still saved.

The person I am calling does not really notice much if any improvement.

I am getting pissed. Not only did it take them 1 month to do it, I dont think it was done! WTF is going on here.

04-28-07, 08:12 AM
They probably didn't activate the update with the Tech 2.
Your settings all stay the same after the discs are loaded, but they have to use the Tech 2 to activate the software updates after the loading process is complete.

On most radios you just put in the disc and it updates itself, when the disc comes out it is done.
That is not true on STS.

If your presets did not change, then they didn't finish.
Tell them to ask the tech if he performed step 10 of the TSB procedure.

It is as follows:

Use the Tech 2® to complete the following steps to initialize the audio and navigation software:
10.1. Select: Diagnostics

10.2. Select: Model year

10.3. Select: Vehicle type

10.4. Select: Product make

10.5. Select: Product line

10.6. Select: Product series

10.7. Select: F7 Body & Accessory

10.8. Select: Entertainment

10.9. Select: F5 Module Set-up

10.10. Select: F2 Navigation Radio

10.11. Select: F0 Audio Update Initialize (takes approximately 30 seconds)

10.12. Select: "Next". Note: A loss of communication will be experienced, power the Tech 2® off and then back on and follow steps 10.1 through 10.9, then proceed to step 10.13 to continue initializing the Navigation system.

10.13. Select: F1 Navigation Update Initialize (takes approximately 30 seconds)

10.14. Select: "On". The "Commanded State" will switch from "none" to "on" and the screen will flash and come up to the radio display.

10.15. Exit back to the "Body/Accessory" screen then select F7: Body/Accessory

10.16. Select: Entertainment

10.17. Select: F4 Module information

10.18. Select: F1 Navigation radio. Verify that the software versions are:

- Navigation system software version = 0FC1

- Audio system software version = 010C

Cycle the ignition to OFF.
Open and close the driver's door and wait for 60 seconds.

04-28-07, 10:22 AM
Any way to figure out what version of the software you have?

I recently purchased a used 2005 1SG, and I tend to lose the pairing during my drive to work. Of course, I can't re-pair unless I'm under 5 MPH...

Any advice would be appreciated. Like my phone Treo 700P, I love it when it works, curse it when it doesn't!

2005 STS 26K