View Full Version : The LS3!!!!

04-27-07, 05:41 PM
Just wanted to drop a note for anyone in management at Cadillac. I see the LS3's specifications have been released, and I'm impressed with this engine! Good work, it'll be a great engine in GM's pickups and the Corvette. One issue I am concerned about however, is the possibility that this engine would be the engine powering the 2009 CTS-V. Mr. Lutz has publicly stated that he wants the 2009 CTS-V to blow the doors off of the M5. I don't even own a CTS-V but I can promise you what an incredible dissapointment current CTS-V drivers will consider the next generation V will be if it only has 430 horsepower. We're all anxiously awaiting any news on the '09 V, and everyone, not just V drivers, are hoping that Mr. Lutz wasn't blowing hot air with his statement. Please don't dissapoint, you know as well as we all do how much as far as Cadillac's reputation is concerned is riding on the 08 CTS, and the 09 CTS-V.