View Full Version : Why does everyone like lowering their Escalades?

04-26-07, 08:31 PM
I'm just wondering why everyone likes lowering their Lades so much. I'm about to get an EXT (undecided between 2007 or 08) and I am going to keep mine the way it is. I love the BIG look, it looks MEAN, and it's tall, a REAL TRUCK. Some Lacs look good when it's lowered, but I just don't like it.

Still waiting for info on the 2008 EXT's!! I just don;t know if I should get an 07, so I can have it for the whole summer, or wait for the 08 so maybe some bugs are fixed and maybe something new if any changes.

04-26-07, 09:08 PM
Personal Preference?? I like the stock height as well.

04-26-07, 10:11 PM
some people like to lower to fill the gap between their rims and the body of the wheel well... i prefer stock height as well with 22's

04-26-07, 10:46 PM
i have a 2006.. personally i think the truck looks nice as hell lowered.. if you like big wheels then lowering your truck will make your wheel look bigger and the truck looks cleaner.. i had my 22's on before i dropped it and it jsut didnt look right when you saw the wheel well with all the plastic and whatnot.. it looks alot better after the drop... i mean dont get me wrong i like lifted truck as well.. but with the escalade it just looks slick lowered.. but everyone has their own opinion..

04-27-07, 07:38 AM
If I did not use my trucks for mostly snow and bad weather I would lower mine, I like the look, but I push enough snow at the stock height. :(

04-27-07, 07:47 AM
maybe some bugs are fixed and maybe something new if any changes.

Unless the 08's come with a BIG change of some sort, I would say go with an 07. You should be able to work great deals on existing 07 inventories. I wouldn't worry to much about "bugs." Any bugs that the 07 had early in production are fixed as they are identified. So the late model 07's will be just as solid as the early model 08's (because they will most likely be the same truck)

What you have to be careful of is GM “de-contenting” parts of the truck or changing to some form of cheaper material inside. This is what happened with the escalade from 02-03. GM "cheapened" some of the interior components and raised the price. One more thing GM likes to do is to take something that was “standard’ the year before and turn it into an “option” on the next year just to get more price. So just keep these things in mind when shopping around and good luck!

04-27-07, 10:40 AM
yea but also look at all the extras the 03's offered.. i mnot sure of the whole list but i do know that there were more options available on the 03's over the 02's.. and also i dont know about cheapening parts after the initial year.. my 06 feels more sturdy and looks like it has better quality material then both of my parents 02's... and of course if there are any bugs they will be either fixed before being sold and/or fixed at build.

04-27-07, 07:34 PM
I like all my vehicles to be lowered. I think it looks way too goofy to have it stock. It looks like something my mom would drive.

04-27-07, 11:14 PM
Keeping it stock height looks like an off road truck. It looks funny to me when people put big rims and not lower it. All my cars are lowered. It gives it a clean look.

04-30-07, 01:50 PM
Actually my question is: Why doesn't cadillac offer a lowered version?
95% of escalaldes never leave the pavement! They certain don't use the wheel travel afforded by the extra height.
And i agree with Falkolade about minimizing the gap. Looks more like a luxury vehicle versus a 4x4...

Just personal preference!

04-30-07, 02:20 PM
Its because if you buy big rims which means smaller/thinner tires, it's going to make the truck have a big huge gap!

Thats what makes it funny looking. So to lower your truck, makes it look right and more proportioned.

Here's the thread I posted when I lowered my truck. You can see the picture difference of before and after.


Before lowered

After lowered

04-30-07, 08:41 PM
thanks everyone :D

05-01-07, 11:51 AM
much more easy to get in and out of, would be my first preference!

05-01-07, 12:08 PM
much more easy to get in and out of, would be my first preference!

That is true, because my EXT is lowered and my wife said its easier for her to get in and out of, since she's pregnant right now. :thumbsup: She said its like getting in and out of a car..

And on HER regular Escalade, its a bit harder as she has to step up to get in.

David Sorg
05-02-07, 08:31 AM
I personally have found it interesting, if not sometimes goofy, what people will do with their Escalades. I have an EXT and also belong to the Avalanche forums, and can see bigger differences in the owners of each than I would have guessed. Avalanche owners lift theirs, EXT's lower theirs, among other things...

But what mystifies me is putting the huge wheels on and deciding that the (presumably good) looks outweigh the horrid ride. They've just killed the scientifically engineered ride and handling they paid so much money for. Worse, IMO, is after spending additional thousands for wheels and tires, they don't bother to upgrade the brakes, which were just adequate for the stock wheels and definitely undersized for the bigger wheels.

I can understand mods that make it go faster or stop quicker. I understand those which increase the utility, and those that increase the listening pleasure whether that be the exhaust note or the music. And I really like the various things people do to make its appearance somewhat unique, even the things I wouldn't necessarily do myself. But when you start to demote (?) its abilities, I think that's silly. Sorry 'bout the OT soft rant :)

05-02-07, 07:32 PM
Ok to break it down about lowering. It all came from the lowrider style. It was 1st started by the old skool lowrider style like Impalas and so forth, 60's to present. Then came mini trucks 80's. Then big wheels like 17' and 18's on civics in the mid to late 90's. Suv's came out and everyone went bigger(20's). So the millenium is around and Donks are in (24's-30's). Moms and dads bought the suv's with wheels but didn't lower them. It's more of a style. Some people buy bigger wheels and don't like the lowered look. I gotta go lowered no matter what I get. Here, in Cali, we lower our shit. I've been into the lowrider scene since the 80's when cruising was the shit on King and Story. It's like asking why do guys raise their trucks. We all know that it's mainly to go 4x4ing. Then the look IMO is also nice. Some say it's a waste of money but if someone is into that kind of shit don't knock'em. :thumbsup:

Sloppy D
05-02-07, 07:56 PM
I have to comment on the post about handling and losing the ride that we paid so much for. If you have lowered your Escalade and it rides horrible then you have done something wrong. I have a 03 EXT with a Mcgaughys 2/3 kit and it rides as good as stock to be honest I think it rides better just judging between my 03 and my brothers 05 I think his has a slightly harsher ride and his is with stock height and stock wheels, cant really say his is harsher for sure but mine doesnt ride so bad that I can tell any difference what so ever. I am on 22 in wheels and the ride is comfortable. And all I can say about the handling is, Holy Crap what a difference. Granted the escalade wasn't made to run the twisities but you put a 2/3 kit, mcgaughys oversized swaybars, and a 305 wide tire and it handles like nobodies business maybe not quite like a porsche on rails but as close as you would want with a truck this size. just my 2 cents from my own experience, I would agree that the brake kit is a must at least a +1 Eradispeed kit.

05-02-07, 08:25 PM
Being in NJ I can say that the ride does get harsher.. not much.. when i first got the kit put on it was like stock.. after a while its get a little ruffer.. when you hit a dip in the road you feel the truck when the springs get pushed down.. you really cant compare stock height and wheels with 22's and lowered.. my parents trucks have 18's and stock and i think theirs rides a bit better.. and they have 80k on the trucks.. there is a difference after a while.. i like the lowered look but the ride is getting to me.. when i hit a dip or a pothole sometimes i feel like i bottomed out.. but if you live in Fl or Cali or where the roads are nice and flat and smoothe then you wont notice a big difference... but in the NJ/NYC area you will notice the ride difference when you hit 10 potholes in a row.