: somewhat complicated question regarding engines

04-25-07, 06:34 PM
ok, some of you might remember me from way bacc, but i havent been around much because I moved across country from detroit to utah for work... anyway, i own an 84 CDV witha 4100, and I just bought an 81 CDV that was originally a diesel but now has a buicc 350. im not sure what year the 350 is, but i know it is gas powered, and carbureted, with a 2 barrel on it... the 81 is junk, call her a sacrificial virgin for the 84... i want to take that 350 and put it in the 84. what would be required to make that work? i cant get a straight answer at a dealer, any help would be appreciated. i do not get to checc this much, so if you would please email me at abel1122@yahoo.com. TIA

04-26-07, 12:09 AM
new tranny im guessing. and new computer controls / fuel injection. im not too experienced at this but thats my guess

04-26-07, 05:58 AM
Being that you already have the '81 with the 350, this should be pretty cut and dry. Are you planning on using the transmission from the '81 as well?. Regardless, you have the engine, the mounts, radiator and all accessories, now its just a matter of removing the engine from the '84 and swapping in the 350. You will run into a few unforseen snags (happens everytime) but this should be an easy swap. Pull the complete motor from the '81, dont take anything apart, leave all the accessories on except if you plan on using the A/C compressor from the '84. Disconnect all the fuel injection stuff and disregard (check engine light will probably stay on). Your transmission is not computer controlled so no problems there. Good luck.

04-28-07, 05:23 PM
the 81 has no tranny but it does have a th400 that i can grab. although the th400 isnbt computer controlled... would i have to mess with the wiring harnesses or anything like that?

04-28-07, 05:29 PM
TH400 does not have an overdrive. Depending on your rear end ratio this could be a real gas guzzeler.

04-29-07, 02:44 PM
would a buicc 350 bolt up directly to the 200r4?
btw, she already gets about 14 mpg average according to the fuel computer, but that might be a miscalculation due to the larger tires on the bacc or the messed up speedo

04-29-07, 05:27 PM
The 200r4 should bolt up to the buick 350, cuz the 86-90 broughams had the 200R4 with 307s. the 307 is a BOP bolt pattern just like the buick 350...should be an easy swap. use the fan shroud and radiator out of the 81 probably though. along with the motor mounts and all that junk

04-29-07, 05:29 PM
your car should have a little bit lower gear ration than most so it should move really well with that 350 in it, but I doubt you will get any better than 14 mpg in it.

05-07-07, 06:32 PM
hey, even with gas at 3.25 a gallon (she only gets supreme) its just the price you gotta pay to be a balla, or at least pose like it with my 12.50 an hour ass