: 94 - 95 n* motor tranny ecm 4 sale

04-25-07, 10:09 AM
I have a 94-95 northstar motor an tranny complete wire harness an the computers when I say complete wirin I have about 75 pounds of wire harness from the complete car. the whole sub frame an strutts. front brake callipers an abs controlls that are on the subfram. I have the floor shifter an the cables the key an the steering collume. the dog bone mounts an few other things the motor had some where around 120 to 150,000 I also have the fuel pump. the tranny is the 4t80e all the axles an everythig are fine the motor was running fine before removal an moves freely at the crank with very little effort.the motor has everything ac starter remote starter altinator waterpump sensors the works

here are some pics of the motor an parts

was going to put it on ebay for 2,000.
will take 1,500 now an you ship of pick up. by friday it will go on ebay

I was going to swap it in my fiero but got a rebuilt 3.8 an its a lot easyer to do I dont have all the extra money or the time to do the n*.