: 94 Northstar Oil Leak

Major League
03-29-04, 09:21 PM
I have a 94 Seville with 76k miles and it has a oil leak. My shop told me it seems to be coming from the front & rear main seals. From reading posr here it seems this is a common problem. Is there any type of oil additive that might help stop/slow down this leak? :banghead:

Bob L

03-29-04, 09:32 PM
I've had mixed luck with additives. They do softern seals but they won't fix tears or leaks from worn seals or shafts. For the cost of a bottle it might be worth a try.

03-29-04, 09:48 PM
Though I am not very familiar with the 94 N*, I have found that oil stop leaks generally have little to no effect on leaks associated with major engine seals and gaskets. For years, my company would add oil stop leak products to their old vehicles in our fleet just to harvest all of the life out of them. The best case scenario is that a stop leak will buy you time, not a cure. I doubt any of the products worked. I have seen additives extend the life of steering racks by swelling the old, shrunken o-rings but that's about it.