View Full Version : Onstar worthless?

04-27-03, 03:01 AM
I just heard on the news that cars with Onstar that are stolen, may not be able to be traced for location. What the car theives are doing is immediately after stealing it, they drive it into a steel-boxed truck cutting off the tracking signal! Kinda like when you are on a cell phone and you go into an elevator. Has anyone else heard about this? I was just starting to think theft would be one reason I would have Onstar. I guess there is a way around everything.

04-27-03, 06:15 AM
All you'd have to do is sever the antenna connection and then you'd have no need for a truck.....When I was driving a big rig we used to put foil over the sat. com. antenna so dispatch couldn't track us.....

04-27-03, 07:21 AM
Pretty simple.. There's always a way around the system. I wouldn't say Onstar is worthless though. Onstar is mainly intended for help with directions and problems - not to prevent your car from being stolen...

05-02-03, 08:45 PM
Although with any system there is flaws, but Onstar does us the GPS system and newer models are being equipped with a back-up battery. There are alot of other setbacks but I think the onstar system with some improvements will be a nice option to have. I know this on my parents Olsmobile minivan they have onstar equipped and it uses cell phone freq. to transmit information back to onstar, this will on day beat the satillite ant, problem. All in all if you dont want your car stolen then install something like LOJACK. Or do the BMW thing with the keys, cut internally on the key it's impossible to make a key for these as well as if you lock yourself out then you have to call the dealer to have then cut the key from the VIN number. This may showup with caddi never know.