: Took the Caddy out Racin...now I want to mod

04-22-07, 10:24 AM
Best pass was a 14.66@96.3.. but I averaged in the 14.7's. Car is stock on 18" wheels....that may be changing soon.
I took down a few modded cars, but I lost to my friend's hemi charger by a few cars and a modded awd talon by about a car and a half, so I say its time to mod. :stirpot:

First, since it's leaking, I want to do the exhaust. I was reading/searching on here a lot and I see most of you are saying to go with a 3" exhaust and 2.5" after the Y-pipe. Are you guys absolutly sure this isn't overkill? I'm removing the resonator and replacing the mufflers with Borla XS pros.

Next since I got the Maf-less '95 I'll be building a CAI. I seen one on ebay but it doesn't look like it'd be much of an advantage over a stock unit because the filter is sitting in warmer air.

Also, to take advantage of the year of the car I'll be ordering up a fastchip.

Oh, almost forgot I'm getting my TB bored by the same guy who did an awesome job on the Dakota's TB.

That's about all you can do for these cars for "cheap" hey? I need some input on that exhaust though. I want to do it once and do it right. :thumbsup: