: Dyno Results...

04-22-07, 09:39 AM
Well I finally put the Fleetwood on the dyno. David came out with his 1995 Fleetwood (headers, exhaust, PCM, gears) and there was a slightly modded 1996 LT1 Trans Am out there too to compare against.

Overall the dyno owner said it was reading low numbers yesterday, here are the results from the day:

95 Fleetwood 233 HP 273 torque
67 GS 313 HP 369 Torque
87 GN 244 HP 327 torque
1989 TTA 318HP 350 torque
2001 Camaro SS 340 HP 320 torque
2005 Titan 255 HP 313 torque
1971 GS 455 345 HP 367 torque
1994 Chevy truck 165 HP 233 torque
1976 Camaro 374 HP 340 torque
1970 GS 455 446 HP 446 torque
1987 GN 338 HP 370 torque
1996 Trans Am 216 HP 250 torque
1987 GN - 285 HP 333 torque
1996 Fleetwood 241 HP 289 torque

Keep in mind that we found I have a blown header gasket on the drivers side and the passenger side is leaking (WTF!!!) Dan's gaskets must be crapoloa?

They also found half way through the first run that the radiator busted a pinhole leak in the side tank... ARGH!

But despite all that she pushed 241hp and 289 ft/lbs of torque to the rear wheels.


Video Dyno Run 1:

Video Dyno Run 2:

I bought a new radiator yesterday evening, now I have to install that and get this header gasket problem resolved asap. Oh well! I wonder how much power I lost from those header gasket leaks??

Oh, and here is a picture of David's Fleetwood. He bought my old Enkei wheels:

Take care,

04-22-07, 10:42 AM
Good numbers! On my SS, I use copper gaskets on my AS&M headers, and a mix of cap head screws and 12pt intake manifold bolts to seal. Haven't had a problem since I put them on three years ago...

04-22-07, 11:49 AM
Hi - does anyone know of a dyno shop in the Tampa, FL area???

And - is it dangerous to put one's car on a dyno - I don't need to to blow a gasket or anything like that!

Old Fleetwood
04-22-07, 06:28 PM
Elias -
Still sounds gorgeous, too. :thumbsup:
BTW - who has the Buick 455 with those insane numbers? His 1/4 mile times must be on a par with Lambos.

04-23-07, 08:09 AM
I am hoping to get mine on the rollers soon running my current E85 tune. I still need to tune the WOT fuel mixture for best power. But it is still notedly stronger with E85 over gas. (it makes sense, the problem with making power is getting enough air into the engine, dumping extra fuel is easy, getting more air in is harder, so E85 brings O2 in with it that gasoline doesn't have).

04-23-07, 01:22 PM
Nice numbers, I can't wait to hear your beautiful Fleetwood at the meet.

04-23-07, 01:42 PM
Elias, Brian and I were hoping you would show Sat night, we had 2 Fleetwoods in attendance and 5 Caprice/Impalas.

Let me know if you are going to make it, they are hoping to get some new updated sound clips for the net.

04-23-07, 01:48 PM
I was going to the meet on Saturday but my dyno run was over at 2pm and I had to limp the car home as it was leaking coolant like crazy. Took me 3 hours to get 40 miles. I apologize, I need to give you guys my number and get yours.

Definately next time!

04-23-07, 01:58 PM
I am trying to make sure I get to Byron on May 5, you going?

04-23-07, 06:06 PM
I am trying to make sure I get to Byron on May 5, you going?

Not sure yet. I already took May 6th off so I can go to the JC Whitney Car Show with the Fleetwood. Already preregistered for it and all.

04-23-07, 08:17 PM
I'm still searching for a dyno in my area. Be happy.