: JUST HIT 100k mi TONIGHT!!!

04-22-07, 04:35 AM
W00t for the cadillac!

if i wake up in time, i'm gonna celebrate by taking it to the dragstrip for the first time and flog the living crap out of it!!!...right now it has a modified stock airbox, no cat, and will have temporary muffler eliminators until the complete exhaust is finished. that will be my baseline for future mods...

when i get back, i have the transmission filter kit, flush/refill coolant, oil change, and a bunch of other 100k maintenence items to take care of...

i dunny why but i was so glad to see 100,000 come up on the odometer without major issue...i bought the car with 69,xxx on it so i just hope i make it at least that far more before something happens...maybe i can do a 150k mile report?

04-25-07, 01:28 PM
That baby just barely got broken in. Hope you make the next 100,000 with no problems. Got to love them caddy's!