: 472/425 swap??

13 hearse13
03-29-04, 02:01 PM
:lildevil: ive got a 70 cad hearse that i spun a main bearing. i also have a great running 425. my question is are the motor mounts the same, will that motor drope right into the 472 mounts. also will the 425 mount to the '70 5 spd auto tranny? its comming from a 2 spd powerglide. i need to do this swap a.s.a.p so quick feedback will be appriciated!!

lux hauler
03-29-04, 05:53 PM
The mounts should be the same. It should be, pretty much, a bolt-in.

About the trans....the bell bolt pattern on the 425 is the same as that on the 472. My question is.......what is this "5 spd auto tranny" and "2 spd powerglide" that you mentioned?:hmm: Neither of those trannys were ever offered (from the factory) in the 70's. The big block cars made through the 70's, all had TH-400's which are three speed autos.

05-13-04, 01:39 PM
When I was boneyard hunting to put a 472 in a 1979 Cad. Deville [replacing a 425], the motor mounts were different. Check out pics of mounts in partsamerica.com & than there was the smog meanies, but that's another storey.