: Northstar Info Website

04-19-07, 04:28 PM
While Googling for info on my Northstar I came across this location that is easy to read and easy to understand for a novice like me.


04-20-07, 03:47 PM
in that article it is said you can do things with the PCM can you do this with a obd 2 car? if so then how i cant get it to do anything

Accessing Diagnostic Codes
For driveability and emissions problems, you can access trouble codes and sensor data the usual way with a scan tool, or you can read the information through the Climate Control Center. To enter the built-in diagnostic service mode, press the OFF and WARMER buttons simultaneously and hold until all the segments on the display panel light up. If there are any engine or other trouble codes in memory, they will be displayed.

The OVERRIDE mode under the PCM section allows you to override the various inputs to the PCM using the WARMER button to increase the value or the COOLER button to lower the value. Overrides include the TCC solenoid (mode PS01), EGR solenoid (PS02), idle speed control motor (PS03), disable individual fuel injectors (PS04), disable fuel pump relay (PS06), cruise control servo (PS07), cooling fan relay (PS08), spark timing advance (PS09), injector flow (PS10) and transaxle shift solenoids (PS10).

04-20-07, 07:40 PM
I think that article was written when the Northstar first cam out (OBDI). I believe that OBDII lost a lot of that stuff.

04-24-07, 08:17 AM
i can get it to take a snap shot by pushing both heat buttons in and pushing the fan speed up but it is on the info ceter on the dash but i cant seem to get it to do anything else