: 07' Transmission issue - anyone else?

04-18-07, 10:02 PM
I bought my wife a new 07 - our first true luxury vehicle on March 25. We've owned it a total of 24 days, and it's been in the shop for 10 of those!:mad:

The problem is when you shift from park into drive, about 1/3 of the time, you step on the accellerator and it feels like the brakes are on, and then suddenly it jumps off the line as it slams into gear. At first I thought it was a brake problem, but later it became evident it was a transmission problem. It's in the dealership for the 3rd time right now for the same problem. The first time they thought it was a bent caliper pin on the brakes, the second time they claimed they had it fixed with a computer re-program of the transmission, and this time, they were fortunate as one block before I got to the dealership I put it in park at a light and then back into drive and it did it BIG TIME and the check engine light came on indicating a "shift solonoid" was stuck. They put a new solonoid in, and it stuck too...:bigroll: They've had it for 3 days now and claim they can't figure it out. Tomorrow, a "Cadillac regional technician" is coming to the dealership who they claim is a "mechanical engineer who assisted in designing the vehicle"...yeah right...

I've already contacted GM to initiate a Lemon Law claim. In Oregon, there is a presumption it's a Lemon if you take it in 4 times for the same major problem and they can't fix it - I'm sure that's why they are keeping it so long this time since the next visit will be the 4th. Anyone else have this problem so that I might be able to tell this inept dealership where to look?

04-18-07, 10:07 PM
Yes, if an issue like that is not fixed, it's definitely lemon qualifiable.

And yes, too, they actually will be having a direct engineer coming out if that's what they said--it's not totally uncommon, when there's really an issue but the dealer's service department cannot figure it out totally. Sometimes they also send out regional service reps who have more pull in situations, but are not engineers as far as figuring out root problems.

So at least give them a chance with the engineer, as if anybody, they would have a better chance of figuring it out. But if not, it's a $70k vehicle that is having serious driveability issues, so lemon it to the full extent--and try not to be soured on getting a bad one.

04-18-07, 10:10 PM
Thanks - I guess I'm just really frustrated right now. The dealership is 40 miles from my home, so it's a real pain every time I need to take it in. I believe them when they say that some sort of regional tech is coming out tomorrow, but I have a hard time believing he was "involved in the design of the vehicle" being that he's from Portland, OR where I bought the vehicle.:rolleyes:

04-19-07, 06:58 AM
No trans problem with any of my 07's, but having to go back to the dealer than many times sucks, and in some areas you have no choice, there just are not many dealerships, that gives you no options if your have a bad dealership, or bad service. I hope they fix your problem or get you a new truck. I know how you feel, my second 07' blew up in my garage, they replaced it.

04-19-07, 02:12 PM
i cannot recall reading about an issue such as yours on this message board over the last year...

you should definitely call up cadillac... let them know what is going on... they will coordinate with your dealer and verify that everything is going as it should....

when we bought our truck - over 1 year ago now believe it or not - we had some issues regarding the navigation unit and ultimately the climate control console... after various trips to the dealer i called cadillac and just told them what was going on.... they called the dealer and verified all the info... they were extremely professional and helpful and it was nice to know that they were keeping tabs on everything from a corporate level... we were happy with the dealer as well and knew that they were trying to help us and the issues were not their fault... our service manager was not slighted at all about me calling cadillac corporate... he thought it was a good idea.. when i called corporate, they even offered me a free of charge 'smartcare' package for my trouble... which basically means we will get free oil changes and regular maintenance type things for the next 2 yrs... was a nice gesture and i appreciate it..

you should be able to locate the phone number in one of your manuals...

don't have any regrets about your purchase yet... its sounds like you have a messed up transmission or something... they probably are going to have to replace some major parts and once they do, everything will be fine..

and trust me - once everything is fine, you are going to absolutely love your new truck...

good luck


04-20-07, 12:43 AM
Problems like that rarely go away for good. Hope you get to lemon it and get a new vehicle.

04-22-07, 09:12 AM
Actually, I have posted something similar on this forum twice now. I've had issues in this area as well. I've taken mine in twice now for the same problems around transmission. When you step on it she lags but then skips along with the wheels skipping as well. The transmission engaging or lackthereof is not dependable. I am reporting mine for the third time next week and do not believe the software refresh will ever repair the problem. If not fixed then I am putting the fix on notice. I've started using the manual shifting which gives me better control over what the truck wants to do.

Stay tuned..

05-01-07, 02:17 PM
Well, I got lucky and on the last trip to the dealer, it threw a code. Turns out the transmission is starting off in 4th gear, then when you accellerate, it slams into first gear and you get a real herky jerky take off. They took the transmission apart and found some paint flakes in it from some painted spring. They cleaned it all up, replaced the spring, and of course, we are still having the same intermittent problem.

The better news is that I got a call from Cadillac yesterday and they are going to replace our Escalade. I still don't know all the details, but I guess the process can take about 3 weeks. The only bad news is that the dealer said they will have to charge me for swapping over the aftermarket wheels and Volant cold air intake that I installed. I guess I'll just do it myself since each one is less than an hour job. Seems to me GM should pay for that too, but I'm not going to complain - they were great to deal with and never quarreled with me when I asked for a new one.

Thought some of you would appreciate the update and hopefully if you have a similar problem, at least you will be able to document they resolution they made with me.

05-01-07, 02:41 PM
I got paid for my aftermarket window tint on my replacement. ;)

05-01-07, 02:58 PM
Is this from Vic Alfonso?

05-01-07, 09:16 PM
Nope. Kuni.