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04-17-07, 11:50 PM
Hi everyone,

I am going to go look at a Fleetwood Brougham tomorrow, a 94 model.

I have no experiance with the B-bodys, only that I would like one.

This car has 97,xxx miles so what kind of things should I look for before deciding on it?
I have seen these cars with over 300k so I should not worry with one at 97 right, generally?

Any common problems I need to check for? what about basic things?

Thank you all for any input you can give me.

04-18-07, 08:05 AM
Rear air shocks/air compressor
Power windows

Check for any fluid leaks. At that mileage you might need some front end suspension bits, but those are not expensive and relatively easy to change yourself.

Best of luck to you!

04-18-07, 10:33 AM
How should I go about checking the waterpump? is there a method?
Also, when making sure the power windows work good, am I listening for sound or looking at the speed they go? If they are slow or loud, does it mean replacment is coming soon? should they be pretty quick and quiet?

How will I check the rear air shocks and compressor?

Transmission I assume I should go by feel, smooth and no slip?

Thank you in advance to anyone who can help.

04-18-07, 11:48 AM
Water pump: Would be leaking underneath, I believe, or at least moist.

Windows: Rarely ever do the motors or components go, but rather it's always the little plastic sliders that enable motion on the tracks inside the door. The OEM sliders are weak and break often, which will cause the window to either go up or down crooked, seem stuck, or just fall down in the door. Easy to fix, though, with the new plastic rollers--lots of threads on this, if need be.

Rear air shocks: Also pretty simple. First, you might notice sag if there's an issue. Moreso, sit in the rear or get someone else too as well, and see if it levels fairly quickly or the compressor seems to keep running and it doesn't rise very well. You can also visibly look at the shocks, and see if they're leaking or look iffy.

Transmission: Again, pretty simple. First, check the fluid color & smell. Burnt smell and color is not a good sign, but there's a little leeway based on just if it hasn't been changed recently. From here, it's just the test drive, making sure it feels okay under normal acceleration, romp on it a bit to see how it does, coast, etc. Just nice soft and smooth shifts are the norm, and just look out for weird hesitation or gears changing oddly or slowly.

*Otherwise, the only really common bugs with these Fleetwoods are a lot of trim issues, depending on how they were cared for. The dash tops are often cracked, the driver's seat will develop a tear, the B-pillar material will be worn or torn, and outside other trim might be loose or faded--but they're older cars, and this is all just visual, so again not a huge deal.

Oh, and 97k miles is NOTHING. So to say, "just getting broken in". My '95 is at 125k, I believe with just basic maintenance from new, and has given me little to no issues whatsoever, and oddly enough, runs smoother and faster than even our '04 Suburban--at 12 years old, it feels like a 1 or 2 year old luxury car, still.

Good luck:thumbsup:

04-18-07, 12:58 PM
Thank you for the info,

So basically I need to look for wetness around the waterpump(is it right on the front of the engine?) and also look for wetness around the rear diff(pumpkin) and shocks???

And see how the tranny shifts, should be smooth and not slip or hunt for gears.

And make sure the load level auto adjusts easy.

Do the broughhams come with heated seats or is that an option?

btw, this car I am going to see has no vinyl top, was that a less common option or to have the vinyl?

Thanks guys.

04-18-07, 01:14 PM
Brougham trims have heated, memory front seats, a lower 2:93 rear gear, and also the seats are of a different design with more bolstering. A vinyl top also then came standard if you got the Brougham package, but was a no charge delete if you so desired.

So, as far as "base" models, a lack of the vinyl top is pretty common. If it's a Brougham and doesn't have one, that's quite rare--and more desirable for a lot of people, depending on what look you like best. Definitely less trim maintenance to mess with.

And as far as the things to check, yep, right on. The water pump is right on the front of the engine and VERY visible on an LT1, essentially the first silver component you'll see on the front.

As for the rear shocks, now that I think of it, seeing if they're leaking probably isn't a valid method since they're air--but you'll know just by sitting in the rear (an extra person helps) and see if it can level itself properly or sits there running for a while. All in all, this is a dirt simple system too, and not hard to fix or just get rid of. Some just get replacement air shocks, which keeps it stock, and a lot just simply change out the rear springs to more HD ones (the stock setup soft springs mean there always has to be some charge in the air shocks for the extra last bit of height--the springs aren't strong enough to do it all themselves), plus regular shocks. This is a hit or miss issue, though, and if it's been well maintained probably already taken care of or still just fine. NOTHING like the horrible Lincoln air bag setup.

04-18-07, 01:28 PM
OMG I cant count the number of town cars ive seen with the truck almost scraping the ground.

Yeah, I will be going to see the car in just a few hours, so we shall see what happens!

Thanks for the pointers:thumbsup:

04-18-07, 08:01 PM
OMG I cant count the number of town cars ive seen with the truck almost scraping the ground.

Yes! And thankfully, not an issue here. Can be a little low, but there's still normal metal springs to hold the car up.

Otherwise, hope you have good luck with what you find.