: Tuning 4.9l engine

04-17-07, 02:07 PM
I've been researching a few OBD1 tuning softwares, they don't list my engine. Can anyone recommend a a program for me? I'm not really looking for better performance, i want to try tuning for better driveability/mileage. Also to be able to detect any problems with the engine/sensors, etc...


1992 Fleetwood 60 Special

04-19-07, 06:02 PM
Currently no one offers a real tuning solution for the 90-95 4.5L/4.9L V8.

There are a couple hacks there for speed limiter, but I think that is about it. It isn't as easy as most think to do, else it would have been done.

Call Lyndon Wester (Wester's Garage) and see what he can recommend.