: After 110K miles on 99sts-new(used)2005 1SG!

04-17-07, 12:18 AM
My people,

After beating the daylights out of my 99sts for over 110k miles, purchased with @40K on the clock, I just picked up an immaculate '05 1SG, w/24K miles.

I don't have much feedback yet, except that it took me a couple hours to program the works and get the bluetooth happy. Interestingly, some parts seem of a much higher quality, like the steering wheel, then others, like window switches and door pulls seem cheaper. Is the hood aluminum? I thought it was going to come off the car when I lifted it to check the fluids!

The performance of this car is unbelievable, the electronics pretty entertaining. I got the car certified to 100K and hope to remember to take it in at 90K this time.



04-17-07, 07:25 AM

Benjamin Simon
04-18-07, 09:05 AM
I upgraded my 99 STS to a 2005 1SG also! Mine only had 15K.
Do you mind if I ask how much you paid?
I love this car also. I remember I test drove a 05 STS 1SG in the Fall of 2004. I told the salesman I was going to buy this car. He was like WTF ever. 2 years later... I really feel I have the finest car on the market under 75K msrp. I wish the N* hard direct injection with like 375 hp...

04-18-07, 09:39 AM
Welcome to the '05+ STS Club!
It is a great car with MUCH room for improvement.
I'm certain you'll love driving it. Especially on the highway.
Like others have said, the Northstar engine is music to the ears.
Smooth, quiet & refined power.
I wish it had even more displacement & power.
Hoping your STS is troublefree unlike mine & others in this forum.
I agree with your overall assessment of the car.
The sound & feel of certain parts of the car are cheap for a premium luxury car in it's price range.
Build quality is good, not great.
I don't know if the hood is aluminum, but I'm certain the trunk lid is.
I may Dynamat the trunk lid to make it more solid, dense & quieter.
Consider replacing the OEM air filter with the new K&N air filter (#33-2356) if you're interested in a little more power & possible fuel economy.
If it could have the quality, reliability & build quality of a Lexus, that'd be cool.

04-18-07, 04:11 PM
Nothing like a newer car.


04-18-07, 09:06 PM
Well, so far I'm quite pleased. I realized the good, bad and ugly before purchasing.

So far, two hard days running and sitting around the Beltway (DC). 18 MPG, but liberal use of the skinny pedal and lot's of sitting in traffic.

What I love:
The Northstar. The heads-up display and the RADAR Cruise Control, which I initially thought were silly, but actually work as advertised. Who knew! Handling is incredible. Incredible sound system. GPS, good and bad, too complicated, compared to Garmin or Japanese cars. Dollar per dollar, you can't beat this car. Paid $34k for car w/24k miles, absolutely clean, w/100k warranty. Probably overpaid a grand or two, but was in and out, no BS, and had terrific service from dealership and unloaded my 99, no fuss, no muss. Regular gas.

What I'm not too happy with:
Inconsistent pairing of bluetooth, could be my phone Treo 700p, doesn't hold the pairing w/headsets either, inability to reconnect while moving if needed. The Japanese cars kick Cadillac's butt in this department. Seat does creak and move around, as advertised on this site! Center console a bit too wide for me, but I'm adjusting from a larger car. Trunk makes more noise on opening then the doors on a haunted castle. The dealer did temporarily fix that, pehaps wd-40 on the shocks, who knows.

I'll give an update after 30 days or so, but for what I purchased it for, being basically a high speed mobile office, and family transporter, it is a pleasure.

My 99 was the best car I've ever owned based on reliability and performance. I hope I have the same luck w/this STS.