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04-16-07, 11:25 PM
well i searched alot and i searched on this forum only to find out alot of people talk about it and one guy figured it out and didnt post how i HATE my TRACTION CONTROL and i want to permanently disable it so any one with info please write it out in detail thank you...also my trunk ligh doesnt shut off what could this be i have a 93 fleetwood

Old Fleetwood
04-17-07, 12:32 PM
I'll try to look up the traction control thing and hope my 1995 manual fits your '93. But in the meantime, you probably already figured out that simply pulling the bulb in the trunk light stopped the parasitic electrical drain.

04-17-07, 08:21 PM
You could just disconnect the ASR motor under the hood but the traction light will stay on. There is one fat wire under the motor. That will disable the traction control...

04-17-07, 09:18 PM
Isn't there a switch in the glove compartment to turn off the TC?

Old Fleetwood
04-17-07, 10:41 PM
Jay -
That switch is a "one time only" thing. The next time you start the car, you'd have to hit the switch all over again since it comes on automatically each time the car starts.

04-17-07, 11:23 PM
What is so bad about the TC? Overall it seems to work just fine unless you are hot rodding, then you are likely better to turn it off.

As Fleetwood said, just pull the connector on the ASR, or you can even swap out the throttle cable with the Impala/Caprice one and bypass it entirely. The Limo's didn't have TC or ABS.