: Need Color Name

04-16-07, 09:56 AM
Hi, this isnt my car but its her twin sister with a different color top (mines white), can anyone tell me what color this is? Thanks

Oh and I just noticed, mines a sedan...

04-16-07, 10:52 AM
Lucerne Aqua Firemist perhaps? There's a '70 in the exact same color as that on the last page of the "post a pic of your RWD Caddy here" thread. Bro-Ham said that one was the Lucerne color, and it looks just like yours.

04-16-07, 03:24 PM
This is the color of my '68. The color is called Adriatic Blue. I took a door hinge bolt as a sample, down to one of the auto-paint shops and it was right in their computer. What they had was a perfect match... it is a very weird paint with very very small metal flakes, it is equally as weird to apply the paint.

04-18-07, 09:19 AM
thanks alot!

hmmmm after lookin this up, are you sure its Adriatic Blue? I just cant find this same color when I search in google

ok I just found this page... somehow when I was lookin up "Lucerne Aqua Firemist"?, and the color that looks closest to mine is Adriatic but it's Adriatic Turquoise, does this sound famaliar?

04-18-07, 11:27 AM
Im sorry yes... its Adriatic Turquoise...