: 93 MAP Sensor Shorted

04-15-07, 08:49 AM
Check the MAP sensor / Injector wire harness before you replace the MAP sensor! I did not. You will find all the wires melted together where they squeeze past the Motor Mount. Mine were cooked all the way from the map to the 6 prong plug. Cadillac only wanted $1,000 for a new harness.

I ordered, from the auto parts store, new pins for the plugs. Balkcamp Cat. - PowerPath #725187 & 725188. I replaced the Map wires all the way and spliced the Injector wires. I also added a coulple of inches in length to route away from the heat source. Alternate would be to take the harness to an auto electric repair.

My nightmare is not over! As I replaced the MAP sensor before I cleared the short (I think). Car still stalled after 30 min. with wife at the wheel twice (my creditability is gone). No Codes, so I replaced the CKP sensors (on Fri. the 13th). As wife now refuses to drive the car (She traded it for my new pickup), I took it out and it stalled again after 30 min. Code - Intermittant MAP.

My next step is to replace the MAP sensor again (what's another $100 at this point).

I promise to post the results (I wish everbody would)!