: Brake switch replacement, Catera

Po Pimp
04-14-07, 08:26 PM
Tools: Phillips head screw driver, Flat head screw driver, and needle nose pliers.

Prep: Disconnect negative battery cable. Should disable the air bags. Honestly I did neither as I knew the job I was doing was low risk. Just remeber if you do so you are doing it at your own risk. The steering column is also made to be collapsable. Any time you are working near becareful as it can get distorted quite easily.

The first thing to do is to remove the knee cover. Located right below the steering wheel. It is held in place by two (weird) screws. The panel will become loose after a quater turn of both clips. Now the panel should slightly slide down and can now be removed. The clips look the one in the accomping photo.


Now you can remove the foot cover. These clips can be easily turned by hand. They require a quarter turn and the panel can be removed. They look like the ones in the photo.


Now comes the fun part. Probably need to move the seat all the way back for room. Turn upside down and look up under the dash. You could need a flashlight. See photo. Red line points to the brake switch which is behind another switch.


Go ahead and disconnect the wiring running into both switches. The bottom one can be grabbed by both sides which release it and can then be pulled away. The brake switch has release on the top and the bottom. Once they are pushed in then the harness can be removed. See photos. The black on is the brake switch. The white is the one in the way of progress.

29769 29770

Now you will need the needle nose pliers. You will want to break the old brake switch off. Push down the brake pedal and hold. Grab the white part of the switch with the pliers. Gently move it back and forth. Should rip off after a minute. Now you want to remove the red part in the same fashion. You may have to pull it out a bit to get a hold of it with the pliers. Watch your eyes and face. Once the red piece is removed the actual brake switch will usually come falling and that is where your head will probably be so just expect it or move a bit. See photo to understand parts.


Now go ahead and get out from under there. You will need the phillips head screw driver. Remove the two screws that hold the fuse box in. There is a clip on the bottom of the box. Pull it up and slide the box out and a little down. You do not need to mess with the wiring. Really this will be a straight shoot back at the hole with the new switch. See photos.

29773 29772

To fit the new switch through the hole you will have to extend the red piece and hold down at least one of the tangs. This will allow you to push it straight in the hole. I held the brake down with my left hand and wiggled my right hand in the hole. Once in the hole completely you can let go and make sure you have it in the hole by wiggling it for a check. See photos.

29774 29775

Reassemble the opposite of the way you disassembled.

04-15-07, 05:34 AM
copying to Catera as well

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11-21-08, 03:55 PM

I didn't need to even take the fuse box out, but I never would have been able to replace this switch w/o the help.....Never thought to break the old one off, that was my hold up, everything else was smoothe sailing

01-13-13, 05:20 PM
I can't seem to be able to pop the switch back into the hole. Are there any easier ways of doing this?