: 2004 SRX AWD V8 rear brake change DIY

04-14-07, 04:27 PM
Since I couldn't find any posts on brake changes for the SRX, other than people chewing through brakes on a regular basis, I thought I would share my experience with the rear brake change on my 2004 SRX V8 AWD.

1. I jacked up the rear right, popped tire off, loosened the master cylinder cap, got out my 18mm wrench and socket and removed the 2 bolts that hold the caliper on. VERY SIMPLE!!! regular tools fit, no knuckle breaking here.

2. I put a hose on the bleed nipple and loosened the nut (10mm) a little and gave the caliper pressure to help get the caliper off. it moved easily, and fluid flowed through the hose, tightened it up and popped the caliper off. did to a little banging, but it was simple. I mean really simple.

3. pads were shot, inside worse than outside, naturally.

4. took care of the rotors.

5. grab your favorite C-clamp, or caliper compression tool and carefully press the piston back into the caliper housing. NO TOOL NEEDED!!! I opened the bleeder nipple to make this even easier and better for the system.
So happy I didn't have to use my cube to screw the piston back in, I didnt even have to remove the ebrake cable, or loosen it.

6.. new pads popped in place in about 30 seconds.
7. Set the caliper back in place, bled the brakes, and popped the tire back on.

8. Repeat on other tire.

This took me about 45 minutes to do both wheels (combined), maybe an hour max.

I am not a mechanical whiz, but I have changed my share of brakes, and I will say this was easy.

Test drive, brakes work as advertised.

This is a basic overview, but I think it tells the story when looking at the brake setup.


04-14-07, 04:45 PM
thanks for posting this!
i will copy it to SRX

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john d
04-14-07, 04:57 PM
Well written and helpful.
What brand pads did you use, at what cost and from where purchased?

04-14-07, 07:31 PM
Great writeup!
I did the fronts and backs at the same time and the fronts were just as easy.
I replaced mine early only because of the insane amount of brake dust.
I went with the Raybestos Cermaic pads, part numbers:
Front: PGD1019QS
Back: PGD1020QS
No squealing, stops on a dime, and none of that sticky black brake dust...

04-14-07, 10:43 PM
Well, I used the cheapest brand possible bought at Advanced Auto Parts for $35.00. They looked identical to the ones that came out of the OEM (I mean really very similar in appearance, I am sure there are plenty of differences.
I am getting rid of the car in June, end of lease, so I was not looking for performance or anything. they are Wearever Silver semi metalic. Suited my purpose.


04-15-07, 11:28 AM
figured I would post this as well in the same brake thread. when I was looking for rear rotors, I was having issue finding rear rotors anywhere.

these guys were really helpful, they had blank rears for $50 each plus $12 shipping. I ended up not buying them because the rotors were not as bad as the dealer said.

they have slotted drilled rotor sets (all 4) for 200 bucks or so.
no idea how long they would last or whatever, but they are a great deal and super nice and helpful.


04-16-07, 10:09 AM
So the dealer lied to me when they told me that they had to remove the whole parking brake system to do the rear brakes, and then put it back on.


04-16-07, 03:37 PM
So the dealer lied to me when they told me that they had to remove the whole parking brake system to do the rear brakes, and then put it back on.


The SRX rear brakes appear a similar design to my 03 Envoy. Maybe the dealer routinely adjusts the e-brake as part of a brake job. The Envoy's e-brake had run out of adjustment and I did have to remove the rear brake caliper, rotor and parking brake assemby to adjust it. Doesn't look like removing would be required for new pads and/or rotors however.

04-18-07, 01:19 PM
I did not have to even fiddle with the ebrake to remove the caliper. it is a separate part of the system. have some pics, but I am traveling on biz in Chicago right now, so no access to them.

When you see it, you will be quite surprised how easy and straightforward it is. 2 bolts and its off, no monkeying around. As n7Don said, it might require some adjustment on the ebrake if needed, but mine seems fine, so I didnt need to play with it. I love the fact that I didnt need to use the cube tool to screw the caliper back in.
Don't be afraid if you can do any of this stuff, you can go a long way with the $$ they want to charge you for this job.

04-13-15, 10:25 AM
The parking brake is one large C shaped shoe, that operates in the centre of the rear disk brake.
This parking brake shoe is held against the backer plate with a large V shaped spring two points on the brake shoe or (maybe to be three?), and captured by two hooks on the backer plate mid way up the V: is this spring to locate on the shoe in three places of the V or just the two ends, - it is next to impossible to move the spring when reassembling as completely covered by the C shaped brake shoe and the hub/bolt flange?
Is there a technique I am missing on reassembling this?

04-13-15, 11:42 AM
SM calls for removing bearing/hub before changing shoe. That may be part of your problem.