: n* ?

04-12-07, 01:02 PM
I have a chance to get a spare 2002 n* motor for $1500. It has about 5000 miles on it the car was totaled from the back, if I get it I plan on building the motor with lower compression, cams and headwork if westers can get the programer going.

I have a 03 sts is there any kind of difference between them as far as sensors or anything

04-12-07, 05:08 PM
What kind model did this come out of?

04-12-07, 05:47 PM
not sure it is out of the car and i have not talk to the people that pull it out he gave it to the shop next to mine as a payment on work he had done

does anybody now the #s for the 2 motors

04-12-07, 09:57 PM
If it came out of and STS or a DTS it should be a plug & play. VIN "9" is the LD8 (DTS/STS). VIN "Y" is the L37 (SLS/DHS/Deville). The VIN derivative no. is located on the engine block in front of the trans axle extension.

BTW, if it by chance came out of a DTS with a shale interior (trim code 15I), I am looking for a center console and shifter.

04-14-07, 09:37 PM
Glad you can find someone to grind the world's only "low compression" cams for an '02 N*. How do you plan to modify a 4-valve semi-hemi DOHC head that has already been tricked to the max ???

Ranger.........I think its VIN 9/L37=STS, VIN Y/LD8=SLS, '00-'04.

The '03 STS had slightly different PCM programming to compensate for different traction control settings and fuel burn rates, and the only people on earth that can do a reflash are located within GM dealerships. Nobody, to date, is doing programming with anything other than a "Golden 90" warranty.....90 seconds or 90 feet. It's darn near impossible to track the ongoing running changes manufacturers perform on the assembly line.

04-14-07, 11:17 PM
How do you plan to modify a 4-valve semi-hemi DOHC head that has already been tricked to the max ???

http://www.hotrod.com/techarticles/engine/113_0303_cadillac_hot_rod_fabricators_north_star_e ngine_fitment/head_port_polish_transmission_build.html

04-15-07, 12:11 AM
Ranger.........I think its VIN 9/L37=STS, VIN Y/LD8=SLS, '00-'04.
Damn, I can never keep that straight. Thanks for the correction. I'll edit my post.

04-15-07, 09:01 AM
:thumbsup: Good Hot Rod article...saved it......but I'm not sure a Deville/Seville sidewinder vehicle would accept a blower package without some radical work and sheet metal, and the current transmission would be overstressed in a blower environment, too. The gear ratios discussed are certainly out of the daily driver area. Sideways hood scoop ??? And it looks as if some of the mods also move the torque curve up and out of the daily driver range. BUT it's great to see someone doing all sorts of N * work. Maybe, just maybe, some of the tricks will go into production and trickle down to the more "casual" modder. Forgot about Arias (and Keith Black), who will produce pistons on a custom basis.......wonder who did the cam regrinds....