: Corsa Performance

03-28-04, 12:38 AM
Ok... I think I've been talked into getting the Corsa Exhaust for my 01' STS.
Who has the best price?


- Ray

03-28-04, 09:13 AM
They are up on ebay sometimes, though they are used in all the cases I've seen. I've never seen any place that resells the Caddy systems, but Lingenfelter has all the Corvette systems for about $100 less than direct from Corsa. Perhaps you could call them and see if they'd sell you a Caddy one.

You could also just see what your dealer would sell it for since it's a GM Officially Licensed Product. Maybe they'd sell it at regular price but then install it for free or something? Or maybe they'd be a big rip...

Click below if you want to hear Corsa on an Aurora V8...

03-28-04, 01:16 PM
Thanks again Aurora.... your always such a great source of information.

After posting this question, I spent aboout an hour searching the internet for people selling these systems. The lowest price I have found (so far) is Jegs at $899. I will go try my local dealer. I have an account there and get 30% off. Although they will probably come up with some way to overcharge me. You know how dealerships are.

BTW... I had a chance to drive an Aurora when they came out. Great car. I have test driven hundreds of cars and that one always sticks out as one of the better ones.

- Ray

03-28-04, 07:32 PM
Thanks again Aurora
Sure thing, glad it was helpful. I hope you'll post a follow up. I'd love to hear where you get it, how the install goes, and how you like the actual system. :)

As far as the Aurora, I obviously think they are great, and I'm always baffled that Olds couldn't sell them. I think a lack of advertising/awareness was the biggest problem Olds had recently.