: How late is too late for fuel rail recall

04-11-07, 12:59 AM
I recently purchased a 95 Deville Concours. I was reading up on this vehicle and noted that it apparently was the subject of a recall because of fuel leaks on the composite fuel rail. The dealership was to change the fuel rail out with a stainless steel rail kit.

My car still has the composite fuel rail. Though I don't have any fuel leakage, I am curious... can I still get the fuel rail replaced under the recall? How late is too late?

04-11-07, 03:57 AM
I don't believe any NTSA safety recall has an expiration date..But I could very well be wrong.

One word of advise: GET IT DONE!

I waited until my fuel rail started to leak (june/06')...Then decided "you know what..I think now would be a good time to get it fixed!!" Drove down to the dealership with 3 gallons of water and a fire extinguisher in the passenger seat. I can see how this issue causes fires, it was like a mini fuel injector spraying gas all over the top of the engine....The dealership was surprised that I wasn't one of the many who came in "burnt to a crisp".

Whole procedure takes about an 1-2 hours...And there's nothing like leaving a dealership without spending a dime ;)

04-11-07, 06:02 AM
Not all of the composite/nylon fuel rails are subject to the recall.
The issue was they had a bad batch of the tubing that is prone to failure.
If your rail contains material from that batch then it should be replaced with the steel rail.
I have done a few hundred of those (well maybe a few dozen) and it is no big deal. I have seen probably two of them leaking and one had been "repaired" by someone who didn't know what they were doing and they used regular fuel line. (which doesn't work by the way)

At any rate, the VIN must be verified as subject to the recall (which I can do with the last 8 if you want, PM it to me) and to answer your earlier question, safety related recalls are good for the life of the vehicle.
Some other recalls have limited coverage periods but those are usually non-critical type issues.

04-12-07, 11:31 PM
Well, the 'system' won't let me PM you through this site because I haven't posted 20 messages yet. I'll call the local dealership and give them the VIN and see what they say.

Thanks for the reply, though!


04-12-07, 11:49 PM
My money is on you being included.

04-13-07, 07:31 AM
Sorry 'bout that, you guys can always email me @

If you feel comfortable you can post the last 8, but I understand if you'd rather do it privately.

04-13-07, 08:49 AM
"Too late" is when your car has burned to the ground.

04-13-07, 01:45 PM
That ends that problem.