View Full Version : word of coution for K&N filter owners

04-10-07, 07:20 PM
a recent oil analysis determined a very high Silicium content in the oil. This can be traced back to the air filter which in my case was a properly maintained K&N filter. Metal levels were consequently high making the oil abrasive. The oil used was M1 5w30, @ 6000 miles. Oil and air filter has been changed and i will report back in 6000 miles.

And i know i spelled caution wring;)

04-11-07, 03:50 PM
it is widley known that K&N does not filter 100% but IS the highest flowing. Switch to AC's filter for cleaner oil, but, it will choke the car some. Since people here do not bash thier cars, you will never notice it or see it as a problem.