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04-10-07, 01:06 AM
To all,

I have a new 2007 V8 Northstar SRX that has 3000 miles. The owners manual states that the oil change interval should be governed by when the car says the oil needs changing, which appears to be at a much longer interval than 3000 miles. I would like to know what most people do with their oil changes? Do you wait for the car notice or do you do it at specified intervals?



04-10-07, 08:45 AM
7500 miles is about 25% life remaining on mine. I did it then.

04-10-07, 07:00 PM
Really depends on how you use the car. My wife drives the SRX and it spends most of it's time in town on short trips. I'm going to keep it on a 5k/6mth basis, it may be over kill but oil changes are cheap enough if you do them yourself.

04-11-07, 12:33 AM
We have 27K on the odo, and have changed the only three times. It comes up between 7K and 12K miles, depending on whether we're driving mainly highway or city. I think the baseline is 10K miles.

04-11-07, 09:52 PM
I end up changing the oil and filter about twice-a-year; this averages out to about 25-35% on the oil life system and about 7500 miles.

04-15-07, 12:56 AM
Thanks everyone for your comments. I have 3000 miles on mine right now.......I may change the oil right now since the engine is new and may have some chips (just being cautious) and then just follow the guidelines that are in the manual.......which are pretty consistent with what you guys are saying.

I work with a bunch of mechanical engineers and they all say the same thing you guys are saying. It is the synthetic oil that really extends the oil change interval.



04-16-07, 12:17 PM
as a matter of fact, mines just hit 0% on the DIC...was wondering if it would be ok to drive around for the next two weeks, unfortunately i am real busy to take to dealer (dealer is booked also)...would this cause any damage?

04-16-07, 03:18 PM
I believe that once you hit 0%, you are supposed to change your oil within 300 miles.

04-21-07, 10:14 AM
can anyone tell me where the oil filter is location on the 2005 srx v8? looking to do my own oil change to save a few bucks.

04-22-07, 11:59 AM
The oil filter is located underneath the engine, next to the drain plug. Very easy to do. There is enough room to do everything under the car without raising it.