: How to reset the oil life on my 05 STS?

04-10-07, 12:38 AM
Taking my STS for service at Jiffy Lube and want to know how to reset the oil life?

04-10-07, 12:43 AM

I wouldn't let them anywhere near any car I own, find a local garage to do it.

Second, select the engine oil life on the cluster, then hold in the reset button.. it will go to XXX% and then after a few seconds it will reset to 100%.

04-10-07, 09:13 AM
I agree with Wiseguy2.

I am not trying to bust your chops here, but there is no way would I let Jiffy Lube anywhere near my car if I were you. :tisk:

Just my opinion, but I've heard far too many stories regarding loose oil plugs, not changing the filter, telling the customer they need unneeded repairs, etc. I myself caught them years ago not changing the oil filter "because it was too hard" and haven't been back since.

Not long ago, a friend of mine went there with his STS, and the guys left the oil cap off the top of the engine so all of the oil spewed out all over the engine and hood liner after he drove away. Fortunately, no damage there except for a dirty engine, but it could have been much worse.

Besides, a reputable shop would KNOW how to reset the oil life monitor on any car and would not fail to do it. That right there is a sign.

Heck... my mechanic knows how to reset it on my 01 Chevy truck and it is far more unintuitive process to reset than pushing the reset button on the Cadillac.

Unfortunately, it is REALLY tough finding a reputable shop. I really do wish that more shops along the lines of Jiffy Lube existed that WERE consistently reliable because they are so darned convenient.

In any event, good luck. Just make sure you check behind them. :)