: V92 Option

04-10-07, 12:33 AM
Does anyone know about the V92 option. I know it is the 3rd row seating, rear air conditioning, but I want to know what is included in the towing package.

04-10-07, 07:32 AM
the v92 per gm dealerworld is "trailering equipment". the utility pkg (3rd row seat/trail eqip/hd cooling sys/pow steer fluid cooler is code y45. finally, the rear air is part of the "luxury collection", which includes the lux pkg/prem seat pkg/ultra roof and rear a/c....code pdj. hope this helps.

04-10-07, 08:31 AM
I was surprised to get the towing package and it did not include a hitch. I eventually traded my second car for a used pickup to avoid spoiling the beauty of the SRX with an aftermarket hitch.

04-10-07, 07:48 PM
Can you tell me anymore about the hd cooling system (I have rear air conditioning) and the power steering fluid cooler?