: SRX Towing?

04-09-07, 10:27 PM
Hello everyone! I am a first time Cadi owner. I just bought a used (2005) SRX V8 AWD and I love it. The problem is that I was under the impression that it could tow my boat (3000 lbs). The specs said that it could tow 2000 lbs., but a towing package V92 would upgrade the towing ability to 4200 lbs. I cannot find anyone who knows what the V92 package includes. I've been told by a Cadi parts person that the SRX is only for "light duty" towing. Has anyone added the towing package??? (V92 option?) and does anyone tow a boat of any size with the SRX.

04-09-07, 10:34 PM
you better off asking this in the SRX forums.

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