: Alternator Cooling

04-09-07, 07:23 PM
I asked about this before but got no response. Can anyone that has a liquid-cooled alternator check the plumbing configuration for me. All I need to know is where does the top coolant line go to, from the diagrams I see it going underneath the beauty cover, Im not sure if it goes directly to the reservoir or not? and second how does the mounting on the radiator look like for the other line, I dont know if my 96 rad. is compatible, I dont see any extra outlets for any more lines. Thanks in advance, Chris

04-10-07, 11:34 PM
The '96 is not water cooled.

04-11-07, 09:52 PM
I know Ranger, but the 99 is and the 96 alternator will not mount on the 99 block (the one I already timeserted and will put in my 96), the mounting positions are totally different, the same goes for the compressor, I had to buy both of them. (Just so everybody knows, 99 accessories such as the alt. and ac compressor will not mount on 97 & earlier seville models if someone is attempting an engine swap).

P.S. If anyone wants a 96 alt. or compressor I will sell it for dirt cheap. The same might go for the rad. if I will have to get a 99 one.

So again, if any of you have that have a 98 or 99 seville, can you check the mounting locations for both alternator coolant pipes, I would really appreciate it.

04-12-07, 04:27 AM
the top coolant (outlet) pipe tees into the heater pipe that runs across the top of the tranny
the bottom pipe (inlet) connects into the bottom corner of the radiator.
you will need a radiator from a later car

04-12-07, 06:43 AM
Before doing all that, perhaps look into the possibility of getting a 2000+ alternator (or whenever they stopped using the water cooled units). I'd imagine it would still bolt to your 1999 engine block, and you wouldn't have to mess with all the coolant lines. It'd probably cost you the same to get a good remanned alt. vs. a new radiator.

04-12-07, 04:20 PM
Thanks nigelb,
at least I know where to start looking now, and jadcock, I will look into the air cooled models, I should have probably done that in the beginning but I can always sell this alt. and get the other one. Again, thanks for your help.