: Peripheral Ipod interface on my 07

Jackalope Eye
04-09-07, 07:17 PM
So I buy the $150 Peripheral PXDP3 Ipod interface w/ Aux and had it installed in in 07 ESV. It's advertised that you can access and control your Ipod thru your touch screen Nav and read the artist names, songs names, etc.

After picking it up and trying it out, I find that I can only access bands or songs that start with "A" or "B". WTF?? I mess with the thing for awhile and finally consult the directions (who does that, right?). It says that due to limitations with GM, you can only access the first 25 entries in your Ipod. WTF #2?!?!? You have to put it in manual mode and use the control wheel on your Ipod. Nowhere on Peripheral's site tells you that. So much for using my 80G Video Ipod with it.

I could have stuck with my Monster Cable headphone to 2 RCA jack cable which was plugged into my back seat AUX input.

Anyway, does anyone know of an adapter that works with your Nav screen and allows full functions?

04-09-07, 09:14 PM
i read a couple of things about the iConnect a while back...Not sure which post but i have seen it a couple of places. I just threw it in Google and here is a site that i got. Good Luck. Let us know how it turns out. I'm going to be getting one soon unless i hear otherwise.


04-10-07, 02:31 AM
If you do a search, you see many posts on that POS and its other brand its sold under the neucleus.

04-10-07, 07:27 AM
I have 80g IPOD's and the GM sound system can only hold a small amount of info, I have my IPOD mounted so I can see it and use it to make my selections, need it on those trips from Montana to Pa. :) I like the Neucleus because it keeps it charged and I don't have the cable from the rear of the center console all over the place. :)