: STS Loud Rattling Noise

04-06-07, 01:33 PM
Can't believe it, just came back from the second repair at the dealer on the rear differential leak on my '06 STS4 and I'm driving along on the Interstate and all of a sudden I hear this incredibly loud metal scraping noise, it sounds just like the exhaust or muffler is scraping on the ground. The noise gets louder if I go faster. Then I heard something that sounded like metal that fell off and clinking along in the distance as I continued. But it took me a while to safely pull over. I looked under the car and didn't see anything.

So I figured that maybe I ran over a can or something and I continue on my way. I didn't hear the noise again until today, when I'm on the Interstate again and just as I went to slow down for an exit, there it goes again. I pull over and looked underneath and nothing!

I've searched through the forum for noises but haven't found anything that sounds similar. I'm afraid to drive the car, maybe something's getting ready to fall off... could it have something to do with the way they repaired the rear differential leak recently?


04-10-07, 01:18 PM
Just a wild guess but I'd say its something in the rear diff still. I think these cars have a "posi" or limited slip of some sort in the rear, if the dealer drained the diff, then refilled it, maybe they did not get enough lube back in the diff or actually some limited slip units require a special addative for the friction plates to operate correctly. might try turning off your traction control and see if it makes the noise as well??? But I think I'd be taking mine back in to get that checked out.. don't want to tear up your gears..