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04-05-07, 10:10 PM
2004 SRX, N*, AWD, 80,000 kms

This is a follow up to my earlier shifting problem. I had the car into the dealer today and he did the TCM computer upgrade.

I am happy to report that it seems to have fixed the problem! I had read through some of these threads about shifting problems and it appeared that sometimes the cure was worse than the disease.

I had just bought this car and it definitely did not shift like my other 3 Caddies. (2 Eldo's and my current STS). It now shifts like I expect it to. I talked to the service manager and he said that unlike my older model Caddies that this 5 speed has the ability to lock up the converter in 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th gears as opposed to the older Caddies only using the conveter in 3rd and 4th.......so I should expect lots more shifting.

The only thing that still bugs me is that in the morning on start up and first shift that there is a delay of up to 5 seconds before the tranny engages. He downloaded and printed out a GM bulletin that states that this is normal.

I quote.........Park/Neutral to Reverse or Drive (commonly called garage shift) engagement times may be different from what many customers might be accustomed to.

It goes on to say that the colder the tranny is in the morning the longer the engagement time will be. The module will look at the following items:
1- the voltage readings of the engine coolant temperature sensor (ECT).
2- the voltage reading of the transmission fluid temperature sensor (TFT).
3- Whether or not A/C is requested
4- Movement of the shift lever and controls engine RPM based on the gear position selected.

Controlling transmission apply pressure allows the transmission to engage in a smooth manner thus reducing the potential of harsh/abrupt engagement, blah, blah, blah.........

As an aside anybody that is planning on checking their transmission fluid level should make sure that they read the proper procedures for doing so. The transmission fluid needs to be within specified temp range and it must be in gear when the plug is pulled!

Sorry for being so long.