View Full Version : can the 2nd row seats recline?

04-05-07, 06:32 PM
I was just wondering if the 2nd row seats can recline, if you pull the seat foward, then pull the lever up on the back of the seat, and then i would guess to push the top of the seat back to make the seat recline.

Sorry I couldn't test this myself but im on vacation and didn't take the SRX.:mad:

c5 rv
04-05-07, 08:38 PM
Not on my 5 passenger 06. The seatback is either up or folded forward.

04-05-07, 10:13 PM

04-05-07, 11:23 PM
Mine doesn't.

04-06-07, 07:17 AM
No recline. Only move fore and aft - which is helpful to gain more 3rd row leg room.

04-06-07, 12:48 PM
I didn't even know about the fore and aft movement of the backseats until I had owned it for 2 years!
I thought the Malibu Maxx was the only vehicle in the GM line that featured it.
Very handy if you have ever tried to put a wheelchair in the back.

c5 rv
04-06-07, 07:37 PM
Very handy if you have ever tried to put a wheelchair in the back.

How? Through the side door? I use the rear hatch and never move the seat. Then again, I always take the travel chair for my wife when we go out - push only with 8" wheels and no handrims.

04-06-07, 08:06 PM

I meant in the back back.
A full size chair fits much easier with the back seat forward an inch or two.