: Cargo Net not Standard in '07's?

04-05-07, 09:19 AM
My '07 SRX was delivered without a cargo net. Salesperson is "checking". Anybody with an '07, is it now an accessory????

04-05-07, 10:05 AM
Tell them to take the car back. We are talking about a 50 dollar item here. The car is close to 50 THOUSAND. These people piss me off with "floor mats" are extra, and .... DVD headphones are not standard.

If they choose to shortchange you from the few small accessories in the car, such as a jack, an owners manual, floormats, cup holder mats, ... i mean is it too much to ask? Tell them to go F themselves and forget about the sale.

You will see how fast they scramble to steal one out of another car on the lot, for the next sucker to be told "well, it doesn't look like it comes with floor mats"

i mean am I the crazy one?

04-05-07, 10:20 AM
Just checked the dealer brochure, sure enough it says "convienence net, rear". I'm calling the bozo's right now!!!!

04-05-07, 10:30 AM
Tell them to go F themselves and forget about the sale.

Tell us how you really feel!

I hear ya though. That's why I forgot to leave mine in the 04 I traded in.

04-05-07, 01:00 PM
There was a recent discussion on cargo nets.
see: http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/cadillac-srx-forum/95071-2007-srx-cargo-net.html?highlight=cargo+net
It seemed the concensus was it had been packaged with the cargo liner and not a separate option. I bought one using the p/n referenced in the discussion. As one poster said, "it's not great but OK". As received, it swings from the upper attachments so I ran a strap thru the bottom and hooked to the D-rings. Here's a clickable thumbnail photo of it in an 07.

http://img169.imageshack.us/img169/1185/srxcargonetlg7.th.jpg (http://img169.imageshack.us/my.php?image=srxcargonetlg7.jpg)

04-05-07, 08:48 PM
mine didn't come with one? is it std on 07's? I'm lost here!!

04-07-07, 09:58 PM
anyone? is it std? I will call on monday and complain, but I would love to know if someone here does..thanks, Tony

04-08-07, 09:50 AM
Not standard. I had to gripe (actually very little - great dealer) to get one in my 2006. Got it though.

04-10-07, 02:35 PM
Once again, have the dealer pull an "SRX Crossover" brochure. Under "Interior Features", look for "Cargo Area", there are two items, Cargo Cover, and ta-da, the Convenience Net...ITS STANDARD, make em go get it if it isn't there!!

06-27-07, 06:19 AM
Just picked up my SRX last night with the third row seat and the Cargo Net was in the compartment inside, above the right rear wheel well. Just flip open the little door and voila!

Yes, it is standard.

06-27-07, 07:02 AM
No if ands or butts about it, it was not standard in 2006. Glad to see the change of heart on GMs part.

09-04-07, 07:49 PM
I just picked up an 07 srx sport v6 and there was no cargo net .. Looking at the brochure and on on the spec's on the Canadian web site, it looks as if it is not included in Canada...Just another example of nickle and diming the customer... Good think I kept my net from an old mini van I had,, :rolleyes:

09-04-07, 08:32 PM
For the records, the Cargo Net was not included either in my 2008 V6 AWD uo here in Canada.

I had to "borrow" the one my father had in his 2005 V8 AWD SRX!


09-05-07, 05:39 PM
I've got a 2007 V8 AWD. No cargo net. Car is in the shop now for the speakers so I will ask the dealer for a cargo net.

09-07-07, 12:21 PM
We purchased a 2007 SRX V8 AWD Sport Edition with all of the goodies and when we arrived home; we realized that there was also no rear cargo net.

Went back to the dealer a couple of days later and he went through every 07 SRX on the lot and could not locate one.

Thankfully, they still had our 2004 SRX on the lot that we had traded in a few days earlier. We ended up taking the cargo net out of our 04 SRX and putting it in the new 07.

It does kind of upset you to think that you spend $50k plus on a new vehicle and they leave a bad taste in your mouth over a simple $50 item.

09-11-07, 06:33 PM
Just looked in my 2007 SRX and there was no cargo net. I called the dealer and they said they would order one for me - didn't sound like too much of an issue for them.

One question I have is what exactly does this net do? From what limited pictures I have seen, it seems to me it just goes across the width of the rear of the storage compartment. Is that true or does it have other functions?

09-11-07, 07:26 PM
It is called de-contenting per GMJim. AKA adding to the bottom line.