: New Spring 2007 SRX Lease Deals

04-04-07, 08:53 PM
I just ordered a new 2007 SRX utilizing the Spring SmartLease rules (Western Region) which expire 7/9/2007. My car (V8)will be Light Platinum/Light Gray w/Ebony and will include FE3 (Magnetic Ride), JF4 (Adj. Pedals), MX7 (AWD), R1X (Sport), U2V (Nav) and VH4 (Splash Guards). The list was $51,165 and the Invoice was $48,162.15 (includes $1008.40 in Advert/Adjs). The Cap Cost is Invoice less $2250 (CCR per new rules) and the Lease will be for 39 months at a 3.95% money factor and a 53% Residual. All terms (24, 30, 36 and 48 months) include a $2250 CCR, a 3.95% rate and only vary in residual amounts (63%, 58%, 53%, 45%) based upon the aforementioned term. Only the first months rent, Doc fees, license and title fees plus taxes are due at closing. This is a killer deal!


04-04-07, 09:32 PM
How much are the payments?

04-04-07, 10:29 PM
If I stay w/12,000 m/yr, they'll be $598.77 + tax. I might go to 10,000 m/yr. The residual goes up 2% for a a few more $$$ savings.


04-05-07, 12:52 PM
Got one for my wife in March. 2007 White Daimond, 6 Cyl AWD, sport package, etc., etc. $50,250.00 sticker. $539.00/month 24 months 10,000 miles/year. 39 month would have been $510.00 but then I would have had to put on tires and brakes. Well worth the extra $29.00/month to go with two years. We do get the GM employee discount through a relative. Not a bad deal.

The Bum

04-06-07, 06:19 PM
How are you guys getting these kinds of lease payments? When I plug similar number into the GMAC calculator (SE Region) I get payments twice what you are describing here.

What’s up?

04-06-07, 07:12 PM
But the lease deal that expired 4/3 was $399mo for a V6 Ultraview with $3,000 down for 10K miles.

The "sign and drive" no money down I did March 4, 2004 for my V6 base was $459mo for 12K miles. So if you add the $3K upfront for a better equipped '07 V6, the car is not that much more expensive.

I wish Cadillac would update their site to reflect the new programs.

04-06-07, 07:21 PM
It wasn't updated this morning but it is now......


04-17-07, 10:23 AM
First....thanks for the detailed information on the deal.

Our '04 SRX N* just got sandwiched between a car and a Denali hitting it from the rear about 50 mph....did fine job protecting my lady, but both front and rear damage was about $16k so.....total. A shame since it had served us so well for the 7 months we had it. Had just changed out the worn front tires to 255s and were ready to NJoy.

Armed with this and other info from a dealer friend, we have struck a deal on a local 2007 unit with the spiffy sport 20" wheels and frontal facia panels/grill, AWD, etc, although it is "only" a V6. They initially offered us a lease that was about $200/mo higher than we finally negotiated. Can provide details, but bottom line is that the spring deal should enable you to score a great bargain and, if that fails and you hurry you can still order and take delivery the SRX of your dreams in time for the 7/9/07 cutoff on the lease incentive if a local unit is not available (We only found ONE in all of Phoenix and the West with the color, options etc we wanted/needed).

Cannot wait to take delivery today or tomorrow.

04-17-07, 09:52 PM
Sorry about your ride. I was just wondering if your 04 had the 3rd row seat and how the SRX held up in that area. A rearender at 50 mph is nothing to sneeze at. I got a couple of rugrats that might end up back there every once in while so just curious.

Also, could you give a little more details on your lease deal? Or is that inappropriate in the forums? If so, forgive me.

04-19-07, 07:08 AM
50mph rearend collision? GodBless your woman, glad you bought another one, I too love that sport pkg, too bad it exceeded my budget, I love the look!

04-21-07, 08:43 AM
Well, except for the battles now with the insurance company of the lady that caused all of the problems by driving recklessly, we are on the mend....totally. Carolyn was just getting over having been plowed into just 2 months ago @ about 40 mph by a dummy changing his cell phone battery. Long and short of it is getting them to declare it a total with $16-18K worth of rear/front damage....almost there though. She is only 5ft tall and 100 lbs so she needs the pedal adjustment option to reach them without sitting too close to the wheel.....with that she is just fine and man, the car took the crash so well.....shame to total an otherwise wonderful vehicle.....but cant say enough about how well it protected her.....thanks SRX!!!!

We chose not to wait for all that to sort out and found a swinging lease on a loaded new 2007 V6 w/20" sport option, NAV, etc.....wow, what a wonderful ride!!!! It compares very well with the N* with 18s and MRC and the new radio/NAV is light years better than the 2004, not to mention the new design. We do see the "reflection problem" of the ac duct brushed metal outline reflecting in the mirror but hey, otherwise it is a dream.

The deal was not that bad as we were armed with the facts.....on a $50k msrp with a total of 10K down without trade.....for our own reasons.....you should be able to get between $360-400/mo easily. They started at about $580. Told them to "sharpen the pencil" and it dropped to $514. I let them know that I knew the details of the spring lease and that another dealer would do the deal for "under $400". They asked "how about $430" and I said no, $400.....and they said ok. We could not find another 2007 in the west with sport, etc AND the adjustable pedals......so rather than wait for the time to order one, we agreed to $400 out the door.....Legends Cadillac in Scottsdale.....they were fine to work with.....and did not insult our knowledge of the price/value.

BTW, my '04 did not have the 3rd seat and we opted not to get it on this one...like the storage areas in the reconfigurable option. However regarding safety, the rear did not compress to where it might have harmed a 3rd row passenger. The bumper, rear fenders and rear door were damaged, but the passenger areas remained unaffected totally......it did what it should have done.....and frankly 50 mph was just a conservative estimate as most traffic is still about 60-65 on the offramp at that point.....so from what we saw you can feel pretty comfortable that the kiddos will remain safe.....smile

Oh yeh, they had to scramble to come up with a cargo net.....still not seemingly shipping with the 2007s......although I kinda kept the Toyota one I had placed into the '04 which worked fine and I like it better......he he he


04-29-07, 11:51 AM

Thanks for the great information. Now you just need to change your profile to read 2007 SRX:thumbsup:

05-03-07, 03:19 PM
LOL....gonna do that right now.......believe me we love the '07