: Need your feedback/suggestions...

04-04-07, 10:48 AM
Hi everyone.

I work for a company that develops/manages an auto manufactures consumer website. Our client has asked that we refresh their website.

I'm looking for your feedback/suggestions, as I know many of us have browsed through various auto manufacture consumer sites. Please note that I'm only looking for feedback/suggestions on consumer websites and not dealer websites.

Out of all of the other auto manufactures websites that you've recently visited...

- Which one(s) did you find the most innovative? Please specify auto manufactures site.

- What innovative ideas caught your attention? Please list 2 to 3.

- What would you like to see more of on these auto manufacture websites?

- What are you tired of seeing on these manufacture websites and would like to see removed?

- As a potential car buyer, what info from an auto manufactures site would motivate you to buy (other than price)?

- What would you say is the best auto manufacture consumer site?

I look forward to reading your feedback and suggestions.

Thanks everyone!