: Exhaust tips - OVAL

04-03-07, 09:01 PM
Has anyone replaced the stock exhaust tips with an oval tip? It seems the small circular ones don't fill up the cut in the bumper very well.

I am considering these.


04-04-07, 08:00 AM
Those are not stainless steel. You want chrome plated stainless. I got one for a past vehicle from autoanything. It was about 55 bucks and was superb. Might have been made by Borla.

04-04-07, 06:26 PM
Good point TSS, I definitely want stainless steel. Did you put some on our SRX or another car?

04-04-07, 08:41 PM
It was another vehicle...and not oval. I have just been down this path enough times to know stainless is the only way to go. Idea....my SLS has what you are looking for (oval stainless) and look like new after six years. Maybe try to find some on ebay or this forum.

04-05-07, 01:11 PM
The OE tips on the '07 V-6 are oval but not 5" x 2" as shown in the link posted. The wife's out driving "her" car or I'd measure the major-minor diameters.

04-07-07, 01:50 PM
I bent one of my factory tips. I've been searching for a coparable replacement. Borla and Magna Flow were the best I found. This what I found:

A. Magnaflow (From Autoanything in March 2007)
1. Weld-On Installation - Diameter 3.5x4.5", Inlet Size 2.25", Length 7"
2. Weld-On Installation - Diameter 3x4", Inlet Size 2.25", Length 7.25" Oblong

B. Borla (Fom Autoanything in March 2007)
1. Outlet Size 3 5/8 x 2 1/2", Inlet Size 2.25", Length 4"

2. Outlet Size 4 1/4 x 3 1/2", Inlet Size 2.5", Length 5"

C. From Magnaflow site today
PRICE: $40.27
PART #: 35129
DESCRIPTION: 2.5"x3.2" Diameter 2.25" I.D. Inlet
7.5" Length

Items A. and B. are from Auto everything (they say that the magnaflow is discontinued).
The magnaflow website still shows the one of the two available. Beware, my recollection is that from the exhaust hanger to the end of the factory tip is about six inches. The magnaflow tips are 7.25.

The borla is probably what you want.

If you have a decent factory tip and want to sell it, please reply.


04-07-07, 04:59 PM

If I buy some replacement tips, I would sell you my OEM tips.

04-08-07, 07:27 AM
Thanks. They cannot be purchased from the dealer.

04-08-07, 09:53 AM
A body shop can get them for you (assuming it is true that a competent dealer can't get them for you).