: momentary slip at highway speed

04-02-07, 10:38 AM
What would make the trans lockup go in and out? feels like that or maybe something else???

oil trans filters fluids
fuel filter
oxygen sensor
timing set to 20* from like 12
idle set
mixture checked with dwell at 30
trans cable adjusted shifts great now
cap rotor plugs

I haven't gotten to canister purge yet or egr passages but since running great, I don't care to take the carb off if unnecesary?

04-02-07, 10:39 AM
What car is this on?

04-02-07, 10:41 AM
sorry, 307 in 89 Brogham:)

04-02-07, 04:55 PM
Check the clearance between the brake pedal and the brake light switch. Over time the pedal may drop slightly and when the brake lights are activated, the converter will unlock.

Just a suggestion.

04-02-07, 09:02 PM
Ok, I'll check that out. should be on the pedal lever somewhere or I'll look it up in the Haynes manual. Thanks.

04-03-07, 09:25 AM
What would make the trans lockup go in and out? feels like that or maybe something else???

Are you sure it's the TCC? Frequently a surge or "chuggle" (that's GM's term) at light to mid throttle in the 40-60 mph range can feel like the TCC when it's really something else. I see you've recently done a very complete tuneup, but check the coil and plug wires. This is usually an ignition-related misfire in my experience. A normal unlocked torque converter frequently masks the misfire, but the locked converter amplifies it.

04-03-07, 02:55 PM
Thanks Joe, I may as well go ahead and replace wires and coil. I have one other item that may be the culprit and could use some help!!! While servicing the TPS with the air horn or lid off the carb, I mashed the bracket that holds the secondary jets and it pushed the bracket/linkage up and out of shape, its the one that screws to the secondary air plate on top. I think i straighted it out enough??? When I look at haynes manual photo of carb, they show the secondary brass metering rods both going in from on side and I know that I put them both in from the center. Could this be it and how should they be put in, its easy to do with air cleaner lid off, but I want to by sure how they go??????????????? If someone said both from driver side or passenger side, i'd know what they meant. thanks for helping, this site has been very helpfull.

04-03-07, 08:02 PM
Wires didn't do it, still has the "chuggle" noticeable at highway speeds and its really getting to me. Help! Could it really be the coil??? I thought they work or don't? What else could it be?

04-03-07, 10:49 PM
I'll be looking at the brake switch in the am.....

04-04-07, 09:52 AM
The coil can get weak and cause a misfire. They're not that expensive to replace. The hanger for the secondary rods is finely tuned and if it has been bent, it's almost impossible to get it back to the correct shape. Just grab a replacement in a wrecking yard.

04-04-07, 09:20 PM
New coil, still misfire at 60mph very noticeable every say 6 seconds almost. I think its worst now! I found a kinked vacuum line on the brake switch and cut some off to eliminate kink, got all excited put'er back together and I think its worst now!!! Somebody help!!! Maybe the brake switch has more to do with fault or "chuggle" and the kink line was just that??? Once i fixed the kinked line I didn't persue that cramped area any further, now I'm kinked, lol...I really want to take her on a 300mile trip this weekend and now i'm stuck riding in my wifes car!!! It runs tops besides the irritating and prolly very damaging in and out of fourth gear. I did change the trans filter and put one oring in there on the trans filter where there were two in box and the other if I read correctly was for earlier year model?????? Could I be loosing trans fluid pressure because of o-ring on filter tube?

also changed or replaced complete exhaust that arrived in the mail yesterday from rockauto.

Could it be egr stuff clogged up somewhere? The only thing I haven't gotten into is the egr tubes below carb(please no) and all the emission switch buttons and controls that I really don't want to know what they do@@!!!!! purge canister????? Happy Easter Ya'll !!

04-05-07, 11:54 AM
Ignition module. I found it on post by buick owner on google search. It sends rpm signal and messes up tcc lockup? Rides like a Caddy now!! $20 part from the zone!!! I spent hundreds finding it. All tuneup stuff so no big deal......thanks for all your help

04-05-07, 05:07 PM
Thanks for telling us.

04-06-07, 01:03 PM
I thought it was fixed, but its not. I have to look at brake switch still. I found directions to check on another site. After that I'll be doing compression test soon.