: 17x7.5 BBS Racing wheels (large pics)

03-26-04, 08:11 AM
Ok I hate to be "that guy" that just signs on to hawk some stuff I need to sell as my only post, so I thought I'd start here with a bit of an intro.

Also, if this is in the wrong place, sorry!!

I'll get to the title of the post in a bit, trust me.

I've been a long time fan of the CTS... well long time as in as long as they've been out. I had the chance to drive 2 pre-production CTS-V's at Blackhawk farms (near chicago) through a family friend about 6 months ago and I became hooked, albeit a bit perplexed with the 6 lug thing... though it made sense when I spoke with the powertrain guys. I'm sure you all know why it's 6 lug, but I'll just say what the guy told me. "We noticed during testing that this vehicle would see higher cornering loads at its limit than your standard 5-lug GM car, and instead of using expensive, high strength lug studs, GM decided it would be cheaper to use standard lug studs but one more of them and just re-drill some rims."

FWIW, I also liked the idea of the Catera too, though I'd imagine that's not quite a popular opinion. My friend has one with modded suspension from an Opel he got while deployed in Germany and it's a blast, though a tad too... well... automatic transmission'd for my taste but oh well, it's a sweet car.

Anyways, as far as mechanical knowledge, it pretty much stops at a 1980's Fleetwood Brougham that I perpetually repair for a friend. If this dates it at all, it's carburated.

So this brings us past the intro and "random information" stage and into the subject line of this post. The 17x7.5 BBS wheels.

I run with a racing team (more on that later) and was surfing around the local swap pages when I came across an advertisement that read "set of 4 BBS wheels, Best Offer." Thinking that they were fake BBS wheels, I decided to investigate which brought me to the doorstep of a very kindly elderly lady that said "these wheels belonged to my son, he joined the Army and moved to France, and didn't take these wheels along with him, no idea what they are from."

I take a look at the wheels and thought to myself "these look like they'd fit the race car" so I bought them at a very reasonable price, hoping they might fit on the E46 BMW that we 'campaign.' Upon running the P/N's however, it was discovered that in fact, these wheels were from a 5 lug GM.

They're 5x115, 43.5mm offset, magnesium BBS 3 piece racing wheels with ET26 centers, for track use only. They are 17x7.5, weigh ~20 lbs a piece, have never been mounted on anything except a balancer (by me) to ensure they are true. So these wheels are too far from my BMW offset to get a safe spacer and I need them out of my chase vehicle (aka "daily driver"). They're taking up space that I would generally utilize for spares. The girlfriend does NOT want them in the garage, much less the house (though they make quite a conversation piece) and I need to sell them. I'll put them in the "auction" section in a few days. I'll also list them in Alero and GTP forums too.

As far as I know these might fit Seville's and CTS's, probably more.

BBS P/N: 0226116
Official BBS Description: 0226116.1 E26 5X115 bolt circle 30mm Brake Clearance 43.5mm center offset GM-Test, for race / track use ONLY, not for street use.
Price: Best Offer.
Location: Indiana.
Contact Info: mckennar @ purdue.edu
Includes: What you see is what you get. Only 1 center cap, some scuffing on one of the faces from storage, easily 'buffable.' You will probably need longer lug studs to fit these on the vehicle, as all GM 5 lug hubs we had laying around that I tested them on weren't long enough to mount a lug nut on.

More pics available on request.

Next, the pics:
http://web.ics.purdue.edu/~mckennar/bbslugcircle.jpg (http://web.ics.purdue.edu/~mckennar/bbsface.jpg)

03-27-04, 11:06 PM
$800 shipped in lower 48. or BEST OFFER.

Either reply to the thread on here or e-mail me.