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04-01-07, 03:36 PM
I just came across a very worthy PCM upgrade for a 99-00 (OBS, aka, Old Body Style) Escalades (ok, Suburbans, Tahoe's, Sierra's, Silverado's, from 96-99, known as the OBS trucks).

The PCM (or VCM as it is called) is quite the red headed stepchild of the flashable PCM world. Poor support, second only to the OBD2 LT1's of the PCM's that are actually commonly programmed with programs like EFILive and TunerCat OBD2/Jet Dynamic Spectrum Tuner and Wester's GMT.

So, what to do? Do you want coil on plug igntion??
Do you want a 2 bar or 3 bar MAP capability for the supercharger or turbocharger?
Do you want real time tuning capability?
Do you want valet mode to keep the kids at bay when driving your Lac?
Do you want Speed Density/MAFLess support?

This IS the mod for you!

Cost? Hard parts around $50 if you are careful and around 3-4 hours of your time to do some work. Then $75 + shipping to Jesse over at Wait4meperformance.com and explain the swap. He will work wonders for you.

So, what to do.

Swap in a LSx PCM. GM Part Number 12200411 is a nice swap. Very good aftermarket tuning support from EFILive, HP Tuners, LS1Edit, Jet Spectrum Tuner and Wester's GMT. You can do it!

All is needed is the programmed PCM itself, and the connector kit from GM, some info from the FSM's on the PCM pinout and you are set!

This is the single most best mod you can EVER do for your L31 or if you are nutty, a L29 in your Escalade!!

There is no reason this won't work in a NorthStar powered ride, but I would have to dig into it more. The issue is you might lose the FDC. But this PCM feeds it in the Corvette, so it is figuring out how to do it with making everything happy.






11-11-07, 08:53 AM
thanks...completes the picture that hquick on the other forums was trying to help me with (thanks again hquick) but I just want a bit more with my Esky-L31...firmer shifts, a bit more HP and TQ...no more Torque Management perhaps...if I were thinking of any of the other mods, this opens up a much bigger field!...excellent read, thanks!...:worship:

11-11-07, 09:19 PM
Sure thing. I hope to get my L29 Suburban upgraded soon. You should upgrade your L31 to a L29! That would be a ball!!! And L18 more so!