: new member..

04-26-03, 07:59 AM
Hi Guys, new member here, I just sold my Vette yesterday and purchased a 1995 Deville. The car needs tires, can you guys tell me if these wheels will fit my 1995 Deville?


Also are there any known issues with this car.


04-26-03, 09:34 AM
Hi Joe! Welcome aboard. And thanks for signing up! I don't see any reason those rims would have trouble fitting on your car.. What year Vette did you sell?

Allante North *
04-26-03, 09:50 AM
Welcome Joe,

Those wheels will fit your new to you Caddy. I bet the price goes up though. Good Luck!


04-26-03, 10:42 AM
As far as issues with these cars, there are only 2 major ones- the head gaskets and the oil leaks. The head gaskets fail because the head bolts pull out of the block, and the case half leaks. If you want more information, we have gone into GREAT detail on these subjects.

04-26-03, 12:42 PM
Thanks Guys, Sal my Vette was also a 1995, it was a black auto coupe, this caddy is black as well. I had chrome rims on the vette and want the chrome for the caddy as well, I like the black with chrome look with tinted windows. I think I got a real good deal on this caddy, I paid $5700 the guy was only the 2nd owner and the car has all the service records etc.,, and is real clean with 53k miles. My brother has a 94' Deville with the Northstar engine and he paid around 10 g's about a year ago. Thanks for the heads up about the head gaskets and the oil leaks.

04-26-03, 12:45 PM
Thanks Don, thats a sweet looking Allante !!

Allante North *
04-26-03, 07:51 PM
Your Welcome, and Thanks back at cha.

04-27-03, 01:11 AM
Welcome. I never really had a nice sports car like a Vette. But I sure like the Caddy. Mine is also a low mileage example, so I think you got a good deal on it.