: 1968 Instruments

03-31-07, 10:07 PM

I'm restoring the dash bezel in my 68 DeVille Convertible and have a question before I purchase a new wood insert for it.
It currently has a bezel from a Calais in it, which had no wood trim. The finish on the metal is textured. I'm afraid that the new wood veneer applique won't adhere well to it. Can anyone tell me what the metal finish is under the wood on an actual woodgrained bezel from a 68?
Just want to know which way to go before I put alot of time into this one.

Thanks in advance!


04-07-07, 02:24 AM
Cant say for %100 certain, but I think the Fleetwood I saw in the junkyard a while ago had the same texture under the wood. I wouldnt worry about adhesion issues, glue it right, and the texture will actually help the glue "bite". Good luck with the resto!

04-07-07, 09:34 PM
Thanks Dave,

I'll go ahead with this one then and post pics when I'm done.

10-09-07, 02:28 PM
i need to get the same wood where did u get it i need it just for the dash

10-10-07, 11:14 PM
I haven't bought it yet. I have seen it recently for sale in an ebay "store" . The seller's store is captain cadillac, I think.