: Cadillac vs Lincoln; recommendations for GM

03-31-07, 07:55 PM
I have driven Cadillacs and Lincolns since 1971. Back then, each had its advantages, but I liked the ride of the Lincoln better. Unfortunately, Lincoln always had a small problem, window, door lock, fuel pump, etc.

Caddy was much more reliable. Neither had drive train problems.

I have landed on Caddy in the past 15 years primarily because of the expensive air suspension on Lincoln.

What has frustrated me in recent years is as follows:

1. rear end problems on current GM products. 2000 and up.
2. window problems on current GM products. 2000 and up.
3. modules controlling a/c vents etc under passenger dashboard.
4. years and years of alternator problems with GMs. now fixed.
5. oil leaks with early Northstars.
6. overheating probems with Northstars; head bolts stripping blocks. now fixed.

I now have a CTS. I sold SDV, no problems with it, but I was always afraid of the potential problems with Northstar. I replaced it with an 05 LeSabre. No known potential problems, except perhaps possible windows and possible harmonic balancer. I now have 2 LeSabres; have had 5 or 6 in past; have had 5 or 6 Cadillacs. I no longer have to worry about a major problem coming from Northstar.

Please cure some of the recurring Cadillac reliability problems. I would like to go back to Caddy.