: Cavender Cadillac, Cavender Buick, San Antonio, Great People

03-31-07, 07:27 PM
I have dealt with the Cavender dealerships in San Antonio for years. Way back, it was known as Riata Cadillac. Some of the same mechanics and salespeople are still there.

Mechanics are fantastic. They will talk with you and explain things. Ser Mgr, Ken McDonald is one of neatest guys in the industry.

Shep is one of the service writers; he will bend over backwards to accommodate you.

Shorty is a salesman who is good people.

Mister Ed

04-01-07, 08:05 AM

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04-18-07, 01:06 PM
So, SA has 2 decent Caddy Dealers(this and K.Batch) for service and Houston has none?
This doesn't seem fair, I 'd like to file a complaint, lol.
Maybe I'll have to work in a svc visit the next time I visit relatives in SA.